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Author Topic: Ebony_Princess101 - Leicester  (Read 538 times)

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Just trying to clear up a couple more old reviews

This girl is back in Africa now, but she said she was returning to Leicester so it may become relevant later
I saw this stunning little black girl twice late last year, one was arranged correctly and the other was a Plan B substitution which became the actual first meeting
Not relevant but the house was off Uppingham Road, clean and inviting,
First Meeting
Tracey took me upstairs and we kissed passionately, deep tongues and noisy, she was all over me, ripping off my clothes and down on my cock before I could say Jack... eyes looking at me all the time as she deep throated me, I held her head down and she would still be down on it now 11 months later if I had let her... Off with her clothes and on to the bed to explore her pussy with my tongue... This is were it got weird, she was screaming at the top of her voice, as I licked her clit... I know some girls have said I give good head, but bot this bloody good.  I couldn't stand it any longer.  Shut the fuck up Tracey, my <Missus will here you and she is 5 miles away, yes sir she said...wow didn't expect that.  I then changed into Dominant Raddy I was exploring this side of my personality - (re Cheryl) that was it, she was told not to make a murmur even when she comes, this excited her I could tell, she was wet through as I inserted my fingers in her pussy, she was holding back the shouting, with little whimpers, this was hurting her in a way that only a submissive girl could say I suppose, out with the fingers and deep into her mouth, she devoured them so I pushed deep into her throat... back to her pussy and then back to her mouth this went on for a while, 2 fingers into her ass and I fucked her ass hard with them, and yes...back to her mouth, she was loving it almost as much as me... Come on slut, yes sir she said. on my cock and ass now, she dived down and sucked hard on me slavering up the length and down to my balls, and into my ass with her tongue.... Then without any prompting from me she had two fingers deep in my ass and on my prostrate gland, sucking deeply on my cock I exploded in her mouth.  She looked up with her big eyes and swallowed, still fingering my ass.  Then after removing them she devoured my fingers and cleaned them, then back to my ass and back to her mouth.  You fucking dirty little Slut, she said yes sir I know I am.  This continued until I was hard again and on with the condom and she rode me cowgirl for a while until I was fully hard and ready for her Ass.... Doggy and full on anal followed with a dildo in her pussy, she started to shout again, so she had to take a hard slap on her ass... Enough of this... I came in her delightful mouth again and she tossed it around before swallowing...what a dirty Slut.
My time was up, and we left with instructions for Tracy to purchase 2 cucumbers for the meeting in 5 days time...  (and before you say, neither was for me)
Second meeting followed a similar pattern, same filthy stuff but better, she was compliant the previous week even more so on the second visit and we did get both cucumbers into her ass and pussy at the same time, she absolutely loved that...
Bloody shame she went back to Africa, she is still in my Hotlist so if she ever reappears I will hopefully be paying her a visit


Offline arthur

Link doesn't seem to work for me


No, sorry it is there if she returns, which I hope she does - she said she was


Offline CoolTiger

Raddy, if you still have her 7-Digit AW User ID Number, then it may be worthwhile asking Admin to add that link to your review,
in case Ebony Princess returns with the same profile, but ends up using a different name.


Hi CT, not sure if I have it, will take a look
She was bloody hot-- rockin


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