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Author Topic: Sara Mary  (Read 778 times)

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Offline Mil 34

After finding out that this lady was back in town today I thought I would pay her a visit.

Called her and got the usual 'text me please' message so after a few messages back and fore I arranged a 3:30 meeting. Really good communication to be fair.

She is staying in grangetown quite close to the holiday inn hotel. Plenty of free parking there.

I arrived at about 3:05 so text her to say I was here, she replied straight away with the full address.
The flat she shares with her friend who I didn't see , it's a nice clean place so not problems.

I walked up to the door and she was waiting behind it. She opened it as I got there.
She looks slightly different to her profile pictures as they are air brushed but she is still really pretty.
She was wearing a tight t shirt and a small pair of knickers. As she walked up the stairs I was lucky not to trip over my tongue as I followed her lol.
She showed me the bedroom and asked how long, only half an hour today as I saw a wg and doubt I would have managed twice today.
Handed over the £60 and asked if I could have a shower. Clean towel and nice bathroom for a freshen up.
When I finished I walked in the bedroom to find her naked on the bed and what a sight. She's slimmer than her pictures with nice fake tits. Not big, just right.
I asked her to put on some stockings and then she joined me on the bed.
She started to play with my dick then went to reach for the condom. I asked if she did owo, she said only in an hour booking, ok no problem I said, ok she said I will do it for me because she liked me, result

Offline Corus Boy

Glad it turned out well for you Mil.

Her photos were tempting me to try Romanian, one more time but I've resisted until now.  Maybe  :D

Offline Mil 34

Their a strange nationality, ok but not as friendly as the polish or Hungarian.
This one is worth a punt but not sure I would rush back. A bit skinny compared to her pictures. I ain't no chubby chaser but I do like a bit of curves

Noticed her profile before, but didn't stay up long in Cardiff. How long she here till? And do I lift my ban on Romanians this one time, considering the bad punt I had with Bahare.

14 review(s) found for Sarah Mary linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline ShyWolf

Oh how I wish I had the funds right now I'd give her a good plowing.
I would eben break my Romanian rule.
How tall is she by the way?

Offline mr big

its the Romanian thing shall I take a chance my ban on Romanians is staying in place burnt too many times glad you had a good punt anyway

Offline Redevil86

I'd love to, she's right up my street, but Romanians have a quirky way of being shit when thay've just notched up a couple of positive reviews ( when there not shit all the time ) as bahare has proved recently, I've put her on my h l to keep an eye on, next time maybe ?

Offline Mil 34

She's about 5,4' I would think. Can't really remember.
The thing with Romanians is strange isn't it.
Hot or cold she's still worth a fuck and she took it well , had a nice chat with her after too which is unusual.
She did mention that she likes Cardiff so she does intend to come back. She even mentioned about living here permanently, good news

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