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This is a late review as I saw her a few weeks ago but have been busy. Gave her a call on a wet grey afternoon as I was feeling a bit down and she certainly sorted that out :).

Communication was great apart from accidentally texting me in German at one point which I found funny. The flat is in what would be considered a rough part of Splott but on the inside it's actually really nice.

She answered the door in a grey hoody and jeans with her hair up but still looked amazing. Wasn't too long until she slipped out of everything and WOW, that body is incredible. She is the fittest girl in Cardiff as far as I know (happy to be proved wrong lol). £60 for 30 mins, paperwork sorted and she got straight onto her knees for a sloppy BJ without. She was very active on kissing, not DFK but still very passionate, and would kiss all down my chest and belly which felt awesome.

She rode me hard as fuck and would grab my chest and shoulders as she did so, seemed like she was really enjoying it. Also fucked her missionary and doggy (what an incredible view that was). Eventually came in the condom inside her, and she lay there and chatted about Cardiff for a while (seemed surprised to see a punter about the same age as her, guess I'm a bit young for this lol). I could hear moaning from the other room at one point so I assume she lives with other WGs but didn't see anyone.

All in all highly recommended, I have seen some negative or mixed reviews on here saying she wasn't too friendly. In all honesty she was the most friendly WG I have met and very bubbly and funny. It may be that I just caught her at the right time though so keep that in mind, and if you aren't typically a fan of Romanian's maybe don't take the risk. For me though it was a non issue, the sex was incredible and she was hot as fuck so it's a thumbs up from me!

5 review(s) found for bahare linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

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