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Author Topic: Jamie-Louise - Port Talbot  (Read 1255 times)

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I booked an appointment with her last week. She's based in a council estate in Port Talbot. She gave me the address and told me to ring when I was about 5 minutes away. When I pulled up outside the house she texted to say she'd seen me and to come straight in. Was a bit concerned that there were a few workmen hanging around the property opposite, one of which seemed to be taking a bit of interest in who was visiting.
Anyway, on to the visit. Jamie-Louise opened the door (ajar) as I approached and greeted me once inside. I must say I was somewhat disappointed. Not at all what I expected from the photo on her profile. I would say she about 10 years older than the looks in the picture and the body is a lot more 'worn' than that too! I wasn't sure she was in fact the same girl, and I should have walked away then, but having driven this far I didn't want to waste the effort.
She then led me upstairs where we sorted out the paperwork. She seemed quite distracted and a bit spaced out. She explained she had been working late cleaning the night before, and had slept on that morning (it was now about 11.15). The bedroom was quite untidy, and she had kids TV playing throughout the booking - not a great turn on for me to be sucked off with Peppa Pig in the background! Jamie-Louise was quite nervous about people knowing what she was doing. She even explained she was worried her mother-in-law might pop round as she was suspicious she was back on the game again!
The action itself began with some owo. I have to say this was very good. She has a great technique. Also some pretty good hand work too. But I wanted to move to the real action. Personally, I like girl on top to be able to play with her tits, but she was not keen to do this as she had injured her knee and her leg was bruised - fair enough. So we decided I would take her from behind, which she says she likes. But as soon as the cover came out, and on, Little Johnie made the decision that I should have done before, and headed for home. To be fair, she did try to get things going again, and did in fact get a bit of a rise again, but the condom would not stay on. To my amazement, she then said that as she felt she could trust me, and as long as I didn't say anything, did I want to do it in missionary now that I was hard again. I should have walked away, but Little Johnie was back in control! She lay back and raised her knees, and ... well, you know the rest.
I have to say it was not the best! Jamie is quite a big girl, and her pussy is not at all tight, but it was nice and wet, and it did not take long. Once the job was done, it was a quick clean up and get dressed. Jamie was again quite nervous, saying she couldn't believe she did it as her partner would go mental. She also kept checking the window to see if her m-i-l was likely to call. Once dressed it was a quick goodbye kiss and head for the door.
Not the best punt I've had, and not one I'd do again, but as I said I'd driven all that way and didn't want to leave without having my balls emptied.

House - 5/10
Looks/body - 4/10
Experience - 5/10

Would I return? - No

https://www.adultwork.com/2790992 or https://www.adultwork.com/jamie%5Flouise+

1 review(s) found for jamie_louise linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline gunter75

Bloody hell,
Sounds an very uneasy booking, n
Made you feel totally on edge!

That's plain wrong, very unprofessional,

Silly cow shouldn't be advertising,

Good review, and well done sinking in her,id have fucked right off!

Offline MikeBWales

Defo one to miss, I had been wondering about her.  Bizarre she's so paranoid but has a face pic on her profile!

As I say, she didn't look her photo. Looks older, and the body is nowhere near as well toned - in fact she's most definitely flabby. So not sure the profile pic is of her.

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