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Author Topic: Balanese massage cheltenham  (Read 1829 times)


Has anyone seen this lady, or know anything that's on offer, or even looks?

At £80 an hour it seems pricy for just a massage, although she hints her massages are amazing, it could just end up being costly for nothing except go home and do it yourself

looks like i may have to take on for the team

Offline Lz-129

Let us know the outcome :P

It was 3 months ago if it happened. I expect it was so good he's forgotten about it

Did this ever get reviewed? Just saw the ad myself and wondered if extra available

Offline Hondaboy

I went a few months ago, and whilst a stunning mature lady that knows she is too, I was left somewhat wanting after my massage with her .... had to dash to one of my old faves near Bristol before I exploded in my trousers ... Plenty of CC swipes but no HR ... unless someone else has been and experienced different

Did you get hard? Normally if you do they comment if anything on offer

Offline Hondaboy

stiffer than the stiffiest person from Stiffy town .... made it even worse ... she ignored it, massaged very close to it, but when I asked about HR, she said she was not a WG

Offline Esco

Hi. Was she naked during the massage?

Thanks, for £80 I think I will leave it...

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