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Author Topic: Sandra bss  (Read 555 times)

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Offline Scoobydoo234

Great bj, owo really nice technique.
Onto sex and it's 'don't do this don't do that' so doggy was off the cards so mission and cowgirl.
Her bodies meh, looks good in a dress in the lounge but in the flesh lacks any real curves, tiny tits.
I read somewhere someone suspected she was a tranny, I think that's a bit strong although she does have a big ole scar on the tummy. I think that's how they do c sects in some countries, that or an appendix removal.
Again, great BJ like really good, the rest was an anticlimax.
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Been with this girl about 5 times, and the only way ive shagged her was doggy, my choice, . Her main appeal to me, is that she gives a convincing snog. Otherwise agree with your description of her.

Offline Scoobydoo234

First thing she said to me was 'no doggy'

You must've broken her for the rest of us.
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