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Author Topic: Popped out for a Pint of Milk and ended up on the game?  (Read 819 times)

Offline AnthG

Just spent 5 mins googling this and the only place her name is even mentioned is the mirror.

I did this because if this was true it would be a national news scandal. Think of other kidnap events of recent times. First story at news at 10 etc.

But nada no mention anywhere bar The Mirror.

Plus and I know this is going to sound callus as hell. But take it in the context that I don't believe this story for a second. If I were going to kidnap a girl to be a sex slave. I would maybe pick someone more attractive.

Offline James999

Anth you old Cynic  :scare:

It doesn't read true though, apart from anything else why would they show her photo's of men she was going to have sex with?

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Offline AnthG

Been googling this more. There are only two other mentions of this story on the whole of the internet that I can find.

It seems to have all stemmed from this


A story from March 23rd 2010 - long time to go to trial.

And this is just Kentonline.

And this was then quoted on Stormfront (The KKK racist propaganda forum) again in 2010 (sorry if you cannot link to this).


The Mirror should be ashamed. And its quite clear they have just been reading the Stormfront story and just quoted this story.

So Paul Carter (the author of the Mirror story) you have now been outed as a racist.  :)

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