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Author Topic: missing-you Dunmow/Peterborough  (Read 1141 times)

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So, I had looked to book Julija some time ago but diaries didn't match up. There are currently no  reviews here for her, just a mention from the HappyOne about her being a great and reasonably priced  overnighter. I PM'd after i saw her profile on my hotlist again, and he kindly responded. So, another case of UKP and networking helping informed decision making.

Vicar had been not at all bad in the last few weeks since the negative and neutral incidents. This required some remedying, and an overnighter was called for but at a reasonable price.


I messaged Julija two weeks or so in advance as she clearly states that she only works Friday night and Saturday all days or overnight. She confirmed availability the same evening. Her communications were excellent throughout. Then came some suprises. Her advertised rates was £340 for the overnight (10 hours) which I accepted as being very reasonable! I mailed her  that I would be be staying in a hotel, so if she had any suggestions, feel free to comment. She came back with a couple of options (cheaper than I would have stretched to to be honest but nice budget chain) and later mailed to say if I was paying the hotel she would offer the night for £300. An escort lowering her price.......could have knocked me down with a splash of holy water. Signed and sealed, just two agonising weeks of wait to deliver! Comms remained good, with the nice touch of an update midweek to say she had had her eyelashes done. She also updated her profile to say that the Saturday we were due to meet was unavailable, which again thought spoke volumes about the lady herself.

The Location

By my choice (but her suggestion) , a chain hotel in Peterborough. Non smokers may cringe and look away, but the Vicar enjoys a cigarette and I tend to use this particular chain as they have executive smoking rooms. Also Julija stated in her interview that she smokes socially. Now, as this is my punt and my money, I want to be happy and comfortable and also i'm a firm believer that if it doesn't hurt you and makes someone else more comfortable, then why not. Obviously at this point I had no idea what kind of lady she was (though I had guessed at honest and reliable), so being a suspicious person , who also smokes, for me the upside was to have a room where we could both smoke, rather than going passed recetion every so often in order to freeze the cassock off outside. Also less chance of a runner. Sorry, just pragmatic.(Glad to report that theres not a chance of a runner).

CAVEAT- At the behest of a member I asked her if she could do an overnight without smoking at all, and she said that she could. I didn't forget you Mr WW.

The Meet

Picked Julija up at 7.40, as she text me half hour before the 8pm start and said she would like to come over now. Sat nav on, screeching tyres ala the Professionals. Sat outside praying to anyone that would listen that I liked the look of her. I was obviously heard by Bacchus and a nice looking blonde appeared! Thankyou Bacchus. Back to hotel. I had booked a room for 2 adults and had two key cards and had mentioned the Mrs coming later, so no issues with reception. I had some drinks and fruit etc and poured her a Martini Rosso, which is her tipple of choice (again, if it doesnt hurt me and makes the evening better, I have no issues). Offered her the money but she said no, tomorow. Then realised id left the phone in the car, so shot off to retrieve it. Got to car and thought "bollox, wallet etc in room". Got back and she'd kindly not robbed me but rather freshened up and got into night wear. I thanked her for not fucking off with the collection plate, and she laughed at me. Her figure is exactly as in her profile pic with the butterflys. Not a supermodel, no fake tits and no makeup. just a good looking girl next door you would be well happy with if you pulled.

The likes list

Everything on her likes list seem to be, fuck me, things she likes. Julija is Latvian and her english is good but not perfect. So if there is a moment or two of silence, she gets exciteable and will say something like "i need to suck you now" or my favourite " oooh no i forgot anal, lets do that now". She is not your slutty sexdoll that wants to spit and swear, just a very genuine girl that appears to want to make you happy all of the time you are with her.Which is exactly what I wanted.

 OWO , CIM and swallow, no issue, various positions (covered) and anal. I'm condomphobic but she still made me come in doggy. Kissing was nice, not DFK, more girlfriend with some tongue. Pretty much everything was indulged in between 8-30 through till 2am, which by then I was a bit of a spent force (four pops, as someone will ask). Between bouts she is affectionate, and has a cute way of writing words on your body thats shes struggling to get into english. For me a nice show of intimacy, which adds to or really makes an overnight.

I let her have my side of the bed, always the gent. She then asked if I wanted her to set the alarm for a couple of hours time for more sex. I said no, but if i poke her in the back during the night, take that as a call to arms. I roused at 7 and went and got some Costa. On return she had showered and was still smiling, so I cant be too bad company. Jumped in shower and chatted for some time  before a round before check out. Dropped her off after around 11.


A real tonic after some lacklustre punts. Just a great girl from start to finish and for the price, some of the best 15 hours spent. My punt, my experience, my conclusion. I find her attractive, funny, engaging, affectionate once relaxed and very open and keen to please. Everything was done at a pace I was happy with, I want an experience not just a constant bang.

See again



Don't want to, but absolutely.

Second CAVEAT- She is well rviewed on AW but has a couple of negatives, she explained the circunstances to my satisfaction.

2 review(s) found for missing-you linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Nice review BV!  :thumbsup:

She's been on my radar for some time, but I was always a little unsure of booking her because she used to have her verification photo viewable, and it was pretty awful, very unflattering. I considered that it probably wasn't a favourable likeness but neverthless, it perturbed me.

I must confess, I did actually try to book her once  but in comms she said she probably couldn't go the whole booking without smoking. Perhaps she's trying to give up now? (In which case you led her astray (or even ashtray  :D), you bad Vicar!)

But all in all she seems a pretty cute package, and a very willing partner for some pretty no-holds barred fun. As well as being a wholesome kinda gal with very reasonable rates.

Only thing is, I'm not really in a position to punt at the moment (no, I don't have the clap).

Anyways BV, glad you enjoyed!  :thumbsup:

2 review(s) found for missing-you linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I wish 11! four and I was sleepy.

At my age, an overnight would be (and has been): dinner at a nice local restaurant at around 8pm, and then back to mine for a nightcap. Making out on the sofa and then full conjugals upstairs before retiring for the night at around midnight. Wake up in the night and a nice 30min sesh, then back to sleep. Then a morning glory which needs dealing with at around 7am, breakfast and then a parting of the ways.

So I'd never really consider an overnight for much more than 300 notes, it just wouldn't be worth my time and money.

Julija sounds very good! And she'd probably coax a couple more pops out of me too, the naughty minx!  :D

Offline Hertsgent

Blimey, overnight straight off the bat sounds a gamble even with some knowledge - glad it worked out for you though, and entertaining review.

Sadly an overnighter is likely to remain unticked off my bucket list.....

Offline The happy one


I am so pleased my help worked out for you

I could not have put it any better myself and everything you wrote brings back my time with her

As you say if she runs out of things to say rather than talk shit or say nothing she will offer another fuck or suck

When I met her she had black hair

Only difference

Will be booking her again


Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

Offline ramrodronnie

Thanks for the really good Review Badvicar. Glad you had a good un with her mate. As already stated, you were brave to see her for an all nighter as you hadn't seen her before, it could have turned out a disaster, but you took the gamble and it paid off. Well done mate. Does she only offer all nighters Badvicar? As I personally normally only go for a max 1 hour punts.   :hi:
Banning reason: Undesirable

Thanks chaps. She showed me some photos of her with black hair and I didn't think they were flattering. Blonde and in the flesh much better. Ramrodronnie I know did offer hour meeting etc but get the feeling she enjoys the overnight more and has scaled-down. Think it's about having fun and not burning out rather than a cash grab.

Offline ramrodronnie

Thanks for that Badvicar, only she doesn't give an hourly rate on her profile. If I see her?  I'll have to message her to find out what her hourly rate is.   :hi:
Banning reason: Undesirable

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