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Author Topic: Andover  (Read 3563 times)

Offline paulj


Has anyone been to Lanna Thai massage in Andover, if so is it strictly legit?



Offline Dibble

Went there a couple of times most recently about a year back.

Services-wise......you get exactly what you would expect from a Thai 'massage' shop!
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no I've had some good fun at lanna thai

dont bother with lanna thai the prices are to much, go to the oriental one in salisbury

Offline paulj

Thanks for the reply.

I will not be going given the price of extras.

Trouble is Salisbury is not an alternative as I am going to Andover by train.


Offline HawkG

There's a direct train from Andover to Salisbury, though!  And it's literally just a few minutes' walk from Salisbury station

I went to Lanna Thai once and loved it - but only because I went way over budget on the extras, and regretted it later.  Too expensive for me.

what are the prices with H/E  ?? THANKS

Offline Rhino12

I don't think Lanka Thai is open anymore....  I would check first.  Theread is another in Andover called ReanThai Massage, you can find on Gumtree or its own website.
It is your standard Thai massage place... although I haven't been for a few months so not sure of staff.

ive been to rean a few times but no extras are on offer . how boring :-(

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