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Author Topic: Mazule in Slough  (Read 1025 times)

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Decided to see Mazule a few weeks ago based on feedback on this site.

https://www.adultwork.com/1451675 or https://www.adultwork.com/mazule%5F

I normally see Thai/Asian girls as my experience with British/Caucasian working girls has been quite poor on average. 

Phoned her the day before my meet to arrange, she accepted and also asked I book through AW.

Arrived at location, parking is not great.  A lot of yellow lines, however can park at nearby free public car parks which are 5-10 mins walk away either through a park or across the busy A4.

Called her on her mobile and she met me downstairs in the lobby in a long coat.  She is very bubbly and friendly which set the tone greatly.

Up the lift and into her flat and on to the bedroom.  The place is fairly new and clean.

She took off her coat and revealed a very nice thick body with great tits held in with a very large bra, sexy matching knickers and some thigh high leather boots.

Mazule asked what I liked and within seconds started to deep french kiss me.

The service
After the kissing she asked me to get naked, unusually she sat and watched me and chatted to me the whole time.  She paid me some compliments and asked me lay on the bed.

She took my little friend which by now was not so little and proceeded to give me a very wet BJ with lots of licking of my balls.  This is woman who knows how to suck, she can get a little hard but I asked her to soften it a bit.

She then came up my body and even more FK at which point I got to remove her bra and reveal some of the largest and juiciest tits ever.  I had some tough choices to make and decided to use one hand to finger her, my mouth on one of her tits and the other to play with her ass.

She then went down again and sucked me off to completion in her mouth.  She did not swallow but let it dribble out of mouth on to her hand and my cock.

At which point I'm knackered she strips naked and gives me a nice sensual massage with some pleasant conversation.

After the massage she then asks if I want a second round...hell ya.

Some more BJ to get me hard and then onto some licking of her pussy, she made the right noises and groaned even more when I had a finger in her too.  She is clean, her body smelt clean and she even wiped down her pussy before I went down on her.

I then decided it was time for some missionary which allowed me to also kiss her mouth and play with those tits.

Eventually I removed the condom, stuck my balls in her mouth and eventually sprayed all over face. 

I helped her clean up her face and she cleaned me up.  Asked if I wanted a shower (bedroom is en suite) which I accepted.  She left the door to the bathroom and watched me shower.

After the shower a bit more chat, she made some nice comments, a kiss good bye and she walked me out of the flat.

Would I go back, absolutely!  Not just for the sex but to spend some time with a quality lady.

7 review(s) found for mazule_ linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline TallnHung

Glad you enjoyed mate.
I see her a couple times a month now and once she knows you it gets better and better.
For value for money and those deep blowjobs and tits I dont think she can be beaten :)

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