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Author Topic: Naughty Silvia, met in Crawley  (Read 801 times)

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Offline MrMatrix


Well I met Silvia yesterday. The question is is it the same girl. I would say yes it is, however this is either an earlier picture or a photoshopped one. I would say she's probably about mid late 20's. Although she said she was 25. She is a very attractive young lady and was wearing heals which made her 6'2". The heals added on at least 4". She's brunette with a very slim body , beautiful skin and a flat stomach. Her boobs are not firm like a 22 year old, but still feel soft, look good and are natural. Excellent figure.
The first contact was made by a phonecall-no reply, then a text was received saying please text me....here we go I thought, more Romanians. Having had a shower I was in her room within the hour of first contact. With that picture on AW I thought they'd be queueing up for her but no!The room was just able to hold a double bed and wardrobe. Two other girls were there as well, didn't see them.
Having settled paperwork £80 for 30 minutes we got undressed. We started to kiss. it was more a meeting of open mouths as opposed to FK. In fairness to her I think she may have had a bit of a cold(didnt want one either).Silvia kind of took control she beckoned me onto the bed and gave me a seriously good BJ OWO. She likes this a lot. She got stuck in sucked my balls and started to rim me briefly. She appeared reluctant for me to get my mouth onto her boobs. Eventually I did but her nipples were totally unresponsive and i love boobs :unknown: On with rubber and she rode me cowgirl. It felt good, it felt tight, it felt comfortable, it was an excellent ride and i unloaded. I'm always grateful if I get this far and consider it a good fuck.
I don't go down on WG's, but if I did I'm not convinced I would have got the opportunity. Silvia controlled this session and there wasn't a chance to give her oral (not that I would have) so this wasn't really on the cards. I had to push to get my mouth on her boobs and I wasnt there long. The impression she gave is that she was there to please me and she did.
For me this was a good punt with attractive girl and I unloaded :wacko: :drinks: bloody marvellous. Yes i would see her again :thumbsup:
She is without doubt a very attractive young lady, beautiful face. Doesnt talk too much and will deflect any direct questions. Never the less a very bright girl.
This meeting definately gets a positive- I may well see her again in the next 12 days before she goes home. :cool:

O and she is here for only 14 days which mean she goes on 16th Oct. 

1 review(s) found for Naughty Silvia linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline euphmark

I saw her earlier in Heathrow - definitely not the same girl in the photos.  She is atleast a size 14 when her profile claims closer to 10.  I notice she has removed any bodyshots from her profile so be aware.  Fair play to the girl, when I said she didn't look like her profile she offered me the opportunity to walk, which hasn't happened before.

Offline MrMatrix

The girl I saw said she was leaving on 16th. and was a size 10 , no where near a size 14. So its a completely different girl. And she offered you a refund... life is full of surprises.

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