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Author Topic: katie thornton  (Read 2761 times)

Offline LL

What a waste of a load. He could have at least given her jugs a good coating. I hope he didn't pay for that!

her service looks a bit cold to me

Offline SirFrank

Is she the bird who used to present xfactor
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Offline Grumbleguts

Thought she would have given him a tit fuck at the very least :( :( :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

he fancies himself as a modern day mccoy and she really doesnt seem to like him. A 3 second hand job is as much as he gets and she is kneeling as far away from him as the headboard permits.

Offline tonysoprano

Don't usually like the bigger girls but her tits are magnificent. How can he just lie there and not at least try to tit fuck her? Lazy cunt...  :thumbsdown:
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I want that tits on my face ... Does she escort?

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