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Author Topic: Melbourne?  (Read 1315 times)


I'm off to Melbourne soon...what's the best places online to find good looking wgs in the city?

I checked adult work and it only gave me like 5 results and tbh they weren't attractive.

Thanks for your help,


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Have you checked the ISG site?


Have you checked the ISG site?

Hell of a lot use twitter, much more so than in UK.

For example  : https://twitter.com/misshunter10

Many countries admire the quality of the UK AW

Yeah I checked isg. I found it a bit messy and they were mostly discussing massage girls. Same with back page was mostly massage girls.

Punter planet seemed ok, anyone used that site before?
I'll check Twitter when I'm there I think. Thanks for the info guys.

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Have you got to Melb yet? Brothels are legal and we walked into one thinking it was a night club!!! Was a while ago now...

St. Kilda is famous for its street WGs, but there is a certain risk to it and I think it is illegal anyway...

Just google brothels melbourne and you will find a wide variety of houses to choose from...  :yahoo:

One URL is here: http://www.victoria.aussietrueblue.com/melbourne-city-CBD-brothels.php

It is not the same as the UK in that there aren't too many (that we could find) independants with incalls.. I am sure they are there....

Have fun!

I lived there for five or more years and the easiest way to find the action is simple, yellow pages, yep, absolutely legal there and no need for long dark nights searching the right girls.  btw, look in the bottom right hand corner of the adverts, and you'll see a licence number.  multi adverts from same licence isn't a bad thing though in Melbourne.

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There are a few websites:

Punter Planet is a forum and has advertising.

Private Girls is the longest established site and so many girls. PrivateGirls.com.au

Scarlet Blue is a beautiful site. Recommended.

Now, Melbourne girls can't advertise services, can't do in calls, many don't offer oWO and you may have to provide ID checks/deposit.

Offline Aspen

Now, Melbourne girls can't advertise services, can't do in calls, many don't offer oWO and you may have to provide ID checks/deposit.

Melbourne girls often have an interstate section on their websites. That's the one to look at, rather than the Victoria one.

All in all I find the scene in Australia very disappointing and mega expensive. There are a lot of Asians there who speak little English, and some of them (so I understand) are bordering on Rom-like. They are usually run by an organisation, (the Asian equiv of Sergei)  and who you speak to on the phone and/or see photos of is NEVER the girl you will meet. The Aussie girls can be quite confrontational and aggressive - unfortunately not sexually. Step a micron out of line even completely unintentionally, and you'll get a very poor service or even terminated early. It's also the only place I've been where they often intimately examine you before anything starts, sometimes this is done by the madam. I had one girl keep close watch on me the whole time from the moment I walked in until I left. Undressing, showering, the lot.
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Offline Mr Doodle

Its been a while since I have been to Melbourne (about 5 years) and I would say it is more expensive than the UK (in local money), but I suppose it depends on where you go in terms of disappointment.

What I like about the Vic industry is it is regulated - there will be those that aren't licensed, but those that are, are in general clean, safe and somewhat discreet.

What I didn't like was that many have a room where other punters may be and girls come out for you to pick... In one place it was OK; in others, it seemed a little more sleazy than it should..

Anyway, for what its worth, here is a rundown of the establishments of top repute I visited when there:
Blue Kyrstal (Dandenong - outer eastern suburb of Melbourne). This was located in a typical bungalow house on the outskirts of town that sort of stood alone, from memory - surrounded by cleared land. Very discrete and on site parking. It was my first ever punt, actually. The girls (by Aussie standards) were OK; I obviously didn't make an impression on the girl I selected as I was told she had a booking (after she paraded out). So I took another who looked the goods. Was average to honest and felt like she was sticking to a script (which she probably was, because most that I visited did the same thing; One got undressed, you layed face down on the bed then they gave you a quick massage, rolled you over, quick BJ, then sex and done).. Anyway, there was very little social interaction with her. But I was comfortable with the premises, I returned a few weeks alter for another try. It was a little more embarrassing as there was a punter speaking to the receptionist about the cost of going Greek. The receptionist paused and in a slightly frustrated voice asked what I wanted of which I replied just 1/2 hour. She summoned the girls and I picked one that was a little hagged, but to this day is my most memorable punt. She really got into it and provided a fantastic GFE; she came, I came. Of course, being a business, we sort of went beyond the 1/2 hour and it was a shock to the little fella when a buzzer went off and then the receptionist through an intercom called time.

Fairytales - Dandenong: This was located in a ramshackle building that represented a portable construction office on what seemed a construction site in an industrial part of Dandenong on a main highway. There was no general waiting room, and the parade was the one WG that was available. Her body certainly met my approval but her face left a little to be desired. The room they had left was right opposite the reception desk and was grimy, with one of those old plywood covered doors. It didn't shut properly (I didn't realise until after the punt, when as I got up to get dressed, I could clearly see the receptionist through the ajar door). Punt was average, accomodation was average, price was more than Blue Krystal. Never went back.

California Club  - St. Kilda: I used to pass this establishment every time I commuted to work. Located close to the red light district of Melbourne, it actually looked inviting and is in a nice enough area. I had the choice of a ripped WG who was quite attractive and a WG that had a little more padding (but not fat); I took the latter and I regretted it. On her returning into the room after money changed hands, it was "dacks" (Aussie for trousers) and jocks (Aussie for pants) off followed by a detailed inspection around the little fella's area for god knows what she was looking for.. crabs, legions, spots, who knows? For me, that sort of killed the moment, but a I had paid, I decided to go through with it. She tried to put on a reasonable session, but once you've lost it, you've lost it... Having said that, she wasn't the most passionate there was. However, the facilities were top notch. No waiting room, receptionist quick in moving you to a private area where you can meet the girls, very clean and was well decorated. Forgot to mention, almost all parlours I visited required you to take a shower first, which I like and their bathrooms were very well appointed (good quality towels, clean facilities, etc). On leaving, the first WG I passed up must have cottoned on from the look in my face I didn't enjoy it and suggested I returned to see her and she would guarantee I wouldn't be disappointed.

Cherry Blossoms - South Melbourne: Some seedy bloke was the "receptionist" and they had the heating up so high, I had to walk - given I was slightly intoxicated and horny as hell, that was quite an achievement on their part. All the girls were oriental (the only parlour I have been to where they were predominant - but as they aren't my type, I tend to avoid them).

Harem - South Melbourne: Arrived there pretty drunk and quite late. The WG I selected was really nice and we had some great sex; very passionate. Then I sort of rolled over and fell asleep; woke up an hour later and she was still there, naked! Apologised but she said not to worry; we did a bit more and I left - no extra charge. Not sure what it is normally like and can't remember the facilities (was very drunk).

Pink Palace - South Melbourne: This is the one I probably visited the most. It is literally a pink building with an offsite car park. You walk into reception and the receptionist asks what you want and whether you want to go into the bar area (waiting room with non-alcohol drinks, where the girls available "hang out"; or if you want to view the girls in private (ushered to a room where they send the girls in). Liek the California Club, great facilities, fresh, modern and clean. The first WG I selected there was a younger girl and to be honest watching paint dry was more exciting. But as I was walking out, some bloke walked right in and greeted the receptionist by her first name and asked for the WG I had just been with.. so maybe it was just me. On my second visit, I went for a young French girl who, bless her, decided to give me a full body rub and on hearing I never had had sex with a French girl before, decided to turn it on. It was just ordinary. As it was convenient for me and the facilities were top notch, I decided to try it again; this time with a New Zealander, and she was fine. I may have visited about four or 5 more times and kept seeing her. Once, I decided to try the bar rather than the private room for selection, and it was actually quite relaxed where the available girls mingled with the punters but weren't pressuring; Of course, I picked the NZ girl (although there were a few others that were pretty tempting).

Crystal Lodge: Situated in a factory in an industrial area of Melbourne, one walks into a very dark and dimly lit room (presumably for ambience). The clientele are a little more working class, but the girls were of surprising quality, both physically and intellectually. It is literally a waiting room where punters sit around and the available girls come out. Unf I missed my preferred WG, but the alternative was not bad at all -an Aussie girl of Italian descent. There was not requirement for a shower (that I recall), but the facilities were clean and reasonably modern and one forgot one was in a factory.

There are a couple more, but the experience is represented in the above.

So, not many Asians for me, but that may have changed since. However, the main differences that I have found are
- It is more clinical and more scripted in Aus; Only a couple of times could be considered personal or GFE or similar...
- They take H&S more seriously; Although I was inspected only once, the showers are demanded more often; once or twice, condoms were put on almost immediately.
- There are sometimes male "madams", which is very off-putting to say the least.
-  It is generally more expensive, but for regulated venues anyway, they are generally much better kitted out. There were some venues I hadn't visited, but from the outside, they looked dodgy.
- You can get almost any service, but its all extra.
- There is an illegal sector - street girls (go to certain parts of St. Kilda on an evening) and unlicensed brothels - they are generally very seedy and very depressing  - I would give them a miss. Although having said that I have inadvertently visited some seedy places here.

All in all, not the best, but certainly not the worst. The places I visited were (relatively) good value for money places. There were some (like Gotham City and Top of the Town) that were out of my price range; there were others (like Club 741 in Brooklyn) that looked seedier than a certain lord wearing a bra with a couple of WGs.. I can't offer  a view on those (except I would like to try the ones out of my price range).
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