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Author Topic: Adultwork Hot Lists - anyone else having problems?  (Read 230 times)

Offline agcnospam

Just logged on to AW and went to my hot lists.

Only about 10% of each list is there - running a member search show the number moving up and down minute to minute - anyone else having this problem?

I am not sure how to report this to AW.


Im OK on mine if you click help select any topic in help and close popup window, you can use the form that appears to send them a message .

I've had an issue for a while now where on one of my HL's says I have 20 profiles in the hot list at the top of the page but if you click on "My Hot Lists" it shows as 23 in that one. No idea why

Offline agcnospam

Thanks chaps will try to report to AW - my main HL had around 50 profiles, but is showing as 18. then 4. very odd.

ah well i guess if i can't remember who was on there, they don't deserve to be anyway :)

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