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Author Topic: COCO PRESTIGE OF SHEFFIELD - expert service  (Read 11695 times)

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Offline Boris007

Hi all, i have been reading this forum for several months and today feel as i may have a worthy contribution.
Today i ventured along to a new venue in Sheffield (Hillsborough way) just off Penistone rd.
On entry i was greeted by a lovely lady who I actually recognised and have met before; Jo (aka busty amazon).  Jo being Jo we shared a friendly chat over a coffee after which she introduced me to two stunning beauties.  I eventually chose the petite and very pretty Coco, Coco is an expert massuesse who gave me a slow and very comprehensive massage before my actual service.
One thing I must express to you is how perfect Coco’s tits are, especially her erect over-sized nipples which she would graze me with whilst massaging me thus adding to her own apparent pleasure.
The description over the phone was spot-on and the girl matched her pictures as did her like-list.
Very nice, friendly place with excellent décor and a bubbly, no-rush atmosphere.
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1567043 or https://www.adultwork.com/Coco+Prestige
They also have a land-line number:  01142 344002

1 review(s) found for Natalie in sheffield linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Vulcan1

The answers on her interview tab would indicate so  :thumbsup:

Offline moktok

Where about is this? Looking at her photos, it seems to be Thai Visite

Offline Ali Katt

The answers on her interview tab would indicate so  :thumbsup:
The profile was either hijacked or the OP is pulling a fast one. I think I saw the Coco prestige one with different pics a few days ago and more expensive rates.

I've just re-read it busty amazon is the hostess/receptionist - now it makes sense. I'm guessing it took place at thai viste like mentioned.
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Offline Tricks

Sounds like a pimp/ massage parlour receptionist talk to me. :angry:

Punters do not use that kind of language.

Offline Boris007

lol - i should Coco- i bloody wish! (pardon the pun) mind you i could see myself as a Hugh Hefner type.  And yes chaps it is the former Thai Visit - happy hunting guys, til next time...

Offline Ali Katt

What's missing from the review is how much was actually paid. Thai Viste has a reputation for being stupidly expensive - I don't know how true this is - I've never been.

Also, other than a massage what actually took place. Any sex?

I think most punters aren't too bothered about décor, as long as it clean and safe and in a half-decent area. I will admit if it is a nice place it is a bonus.

At the end of the day if Boris is a genuine punter - I welcome the addition. At least he didn't write "thanks, COCO xxx see you again!" that shit's pathetic.

Offline Boris007

My apologies Mr Katt, yes on reflection it is a rather selfish, sparse and un-informative piece of reporting (i did mention i am somewhat of a virgin at this particular craft).  Please allow me to attempt a more accommodating, articulate review...

The Prestige parlour isn't completely ready for opening i.e. the TV's are not operative and spa-baths still need some sort of attention before being "passed" by environmental health for public use according to Jo.  As most of our chat revolved around the re-opening and new management of the afore mentioned Thai Visit I was also made aware of the miles of red tape the new owners have been forced to negotiate owing to the previous appalling state this establishment descended into.

So having enjoyed that coffee and chat with Jo i was led into room 1 by Coco. 

Like i said the massage was excellent but little touches during the massage added to the experience.  Coco would reach over me and let her hard nipples skim over my cock and groin area whilst working my neck and shoulders with her very talented, dainty yet strong hands, again i apologise for over-stating something most of you may feel is of no interest but a big part of it for me is inspecting (whilst trying to appear nonchalent) -  whichever girl happens to be providing me with a service.  Maybe its just one more facet of the voyuer in me but examining how attentative the girl is doesn't only award me some perpective of the girl's respective talents but also adds to my excitement.  You know them hard-ons men that stand so aggresively they don't even lean lazily on your stomach as your laid on your back - yes them ones - "the Stormin' Normans" as i like to label em chaps.  Well this is what Coco was provoking me to - and ohh so teasingly, delightfully subtle too...
After about 30 mins of this pleasure/pain game Coco straddled me and took off with her pussy where she left off with her hands, subtlety still being the operative word as she grazed my dick with her moistness.  You know that ache you get deep down your shaft lads? that ache of anticipation?  I don't mind admitting folks but i was almost reduced to tears by way of the need to stab her hard with my prick - i do in fact recall growling "FUCK ME - JUST FUCK ME HARD".  To which Coco cocked me a knowing smile and continued with the torture!!!  everytime i arched and thrust she would pull back thus prolonging this pain/pleasure show.  Well Coco finally put me out of my misery after fully descending down on my cock with her hot quim hard and fast - very spontaneously and opposingly different to the slow, sure, directed motions she had been ministering previously. 

I won't have you on lads and tell you how i smashed the back out of her - if i'm perfectly honest - i must have thrusted about 5 times before i went off but my oh my did i go off!!! LoL - i think i was still pumping like a randy little jack-russell even as Coco left the room - a good 40 mins after we entered and all for £50:00 i thought was very reasonable for an ejaculation i won't be forgetting for a while and be the subject-matter for many a future Barclay's Bank (forgive my rhyming slang - me owd china plate's ;)
I was however relieved of paying any entrance toll, owing to the absence of the complimentary porn on TV and as yet un-certified spa-baths, which i can live with for want of a tenner.  The (minimum) ten pound entrance fee will be enforced (i'm told by Jo) as a means to prohibit the less desirable of our kinsmen and maintain a lower on-site head count which apparently is one of the many, many more afore - mentioned regulations made applicable by our beloved and much cherished Sheffield City Council.

So Vulcan, Mok, Ali and Tricks I pray this effort verges on your satisfaction, thank you for your comments / critiques; i hope they serve only to augment this feeble script.

May my kind of people persist in a plethora of perpendicular penile passionate punts

that means YOU FELLA'S - happy hunting chaps...  :yahoo:

hee, nice one for expanding on your punt.

As a casual observer, it does seem apparent that this parlour is getting advertised on UKP.

Offline Boris007

"casual observer" - with 900 odd posts???  :crazy:  Whose kidding who Vladimir ?

900 is low i've been here a while.  ;)

Offline Boris007

its ok mate i understand - i'm just having the crack with you - no offence inteneded  :D

Offline Boris007

no offence inteneded* - even

Offline Boris007


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