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Author Topic: JESSIE - ALLURE  (Read 1478 times)

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Location: Decent flat on Quayside

Price: £50 for 30 mins

After two poor Thai punts, see my previous reviews, was still on look-out for good Oriental girl. Have worked in the Far East and have experienced a wide range of ladies. Was attracted by Jessies recent good reviews. Thank's guys you were correct, she was a gem.

On arrival was greeted by an immaculately presented MILF. Perfect make-up, stocking, suspenders, high heels and facially attractive. FYI she is not Thai, she is Chinese/Malaysian. Got donation out of way then it was down to action.

Some very passionate DFK. She unbuttoned my clothes, got down on her knees and proceeded to give a great deep throat BJ, with lots of spit. Fantastic, loads of eye contact. She was twisting my cock, sucking my balls etc.

Time for me to taste her pussy. It was wet, sweet and lovely and tight. Spent a good deal of time down there. Her squeals of pleasure were genuine and she fingered her clit while i worked on it why my tongue. She came with a shudder. She asked if i was ready for a condom, you bet I was.

Started with missionary. Boy she was tight, one of the best fucks I have had. As I was pounding away she rubbed her pussy and my balls with a tingly lube. It was a great sensation. Are you ready for your ass to be fucked I asked, you bet she was! Lots of lube then I pushed my cock into the tightest ass. Fantastic, started off slowly then once got into flow I was hammering away while she screamed encouragement. If there were neighbours in then they were getting a good earful. She toyed her pussy, whilst I continued until I could not hold back anymore.

Withdrew, pulled off condom, and shot the biggest load I have deposited for a long time into her open mouth. She swallowed the lot, then spent another minute sucking my cock dry.

Lay back on bed and had a chat whilst she continued with some very passionate kissing. Shower and I was ready for the off. On the way out the door she started to grind into my groin and generally get me aroused. Could have fucked here there and then.

Excellent punt, highly recommended. if you are into oriental ladies then she is the one.

Great review. Very interesting looking girl. Got a big thing for oriental girls and experienced a good few on my travels abroad but only found a few back in the UK. Seen a couple of cracking Thai girls in Leeds a few years back but never been much in the NE who really stand out.

Jessie definitely added to the hit list.

Offline themademan2

Great lass, booked in for my 3rd punt next week with her. I did end up fucking her behind the door when she started grinding to get me aroused on the way out  :cool:
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Online alfie2013

Great review, looking forward to my second visit now she's sorted for incalls again. :rolleyes:

Offline Rod trotter

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Offline themademan2

You might wanna check your booking for next week guys,  mine looks like it's cancelled as she had a 'training injury'. Bummer
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