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Author Topic: PG scam appealing to fluffies  (Read 636 times)

Offline zundabar

[[Link hidden, login to view]] <---- I believe i've stumbled onto my first PG scam profile.

She's been on AW since 2011 and does not seem to have changed anything about her profile since then - apparently very shy but not too shy apparently as she asks us to give her funds for a boob job and has a PG image for every letter of the alphabet showing a pretty varied number of things for someone shy enough to mention it multiple times (according to their titles at least).

Her blog is also a source of obvious bullshit - she mentions being excited about having her first threesome 4 days after creating her profile as well as "P.S trying to answer all emails". On her only other blog entry she mentions being busy with modelling only a month after writing the last entry which once again seems very odd for someone who is apparently very shy. Her only feedback is from less than 2 weeks after her profile started so we can be pretty sure she isn't fighting off hordes of punters as her email comment suggests.

To top all this off some of you might be thinking she might just have started her profile and then abandoned it after finding fame with nuts and the sun however she bothered to check her profile late last month.

I know this kind of thing isn't rare or special but after finding something so horrible and obviously full of bullshit I couldn't help but make this to hear what the community thinks of this kind of thing and PG scams in general.


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She is deffo on the game but check out my favourite and the price on her PG photos.

For some it's just a pastime

[[Link hidden, login to view]]

Offline zundabar

Fucking hell, She a natural E but has a boob job fund + isn't even technically an escort?

waste of an already large amount of space

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