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Author Topic: ZAYDA SEXY4U - Leyton E10  (Read 2772 times)

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Location: House in Leyton, around five mins from Leyton station on the central line.

Was in Loughton for work, on the way back I felt a bit frisky so I had a search on AW and this lovely lady came up. Sent her a text, made sure she was cool with seeing black guys and then booked an appointment. I wasn't sure what to expect, I planned to punt with 'Wendy Hot Baby' in Stratford but this lady had the better pics.

Found the place easily, it's in a residential street, nice and quiet near Leyton station. The lady is very curvy, late twenties, early thirties, speaks English, great tits and great arse. She was wearing white lingerie and black heels, very sexy indeed. She looked Brazilian, had the tanned skin, I asked if she was Romanian and she said "NOOOOOOOOO" said she was from the North of Brazil. Over the phone she said she was mixed with Moroccan and Arabic, fuck knows to be fair.

Handed over the money, got undressed and she went to work on her knees, no owo but the bj was amazing, great technique, deep throat and she played with my balls. I was smacking her arse and licking her tits while she sucked me off, I had to tell her to chill because I could have popped from the oral with alone. She started to kiss my neck and kissed me, I don't like kissing prossies but this was an exception but I didn't go looking for any dfk or anything and directed her back to the bj. I could feel myself enjoying the session a bit too much, so I did a bit of oral on her to slow things down, again something I don't normally do with prossies but I got lost in the moment. She was very receptive, tasted nice so it worked as a good delaying tactic.

Then I fucked her in missionary, pussy was wet, no lube or anything, she was a beast. Talking in Portuguese (I think), moaning, kissing my neck, grabbing me lol was very intense. I wanted to get her in doggy but I was having too much fun and popped,I was there for about 18mins. After she said next time I should book for an hour, I think I will have to return soon, great action.

She was really friendly, smiley, talkative and complimentary, the best punt I've had in my short career.
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3 review(s) found for 36EE SENSUAL linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

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Sounds good to me. Thanks for sharing. Is she working from a flat right in the high street, next to a pedestrian crossing? Been in that flat a few times. When you say she is curvy - what dress size do you reckon she is? Cheers

Offline 3HK

Size 12 is about right, proper meaty bird, thick thighs, arse & tits.

This is a house, off the high street down a side road.

Online pumps

These tall large framed, Brazilian birds with fake tits.... that pretend to be from other nationalities....

 :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

Offline Jw070

Are there others in her house?

Offline 3HK

Only saw 1 other lady, she looked more like a maid or friend, she was just watching TV on the sofa, casually dressed.

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