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Author Topic: Mz Caramel /MzCaramel - Outcall (Thornton Heath)  (Read 1432 times)

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Offline yumyum3

BTW I know she was studying some kind of law
Was it the Trade Descriptions Act? 
but if she's back in the game then...um...I'm guessing her studying was not so good
That'd be a a fairly safe bet both intellectually and with the hard work required. Much easier to charge more than a lawyer for doing a tenth of the work and empty the wallets of the young and naive.

Online James999

Dude, I know this girl,

In fact you are This girl :sarcastic:

Does she look like a man because Bruno and Jay Z are the only black men you know with big lips.

It's not so much the lips it was the nose that reminded me of Frank Bruno :scare:

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