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Author Topic: ProzZie Phones & Punter Details.  (Read 661 times)

Offline Jacob

The other day I called up a Prossie I met a few weeks back and she immediately knew it was me. Not just my name but clearly the additional information I divulged during chit-chat when I had seen her on the previous occasion. Now my name is fairly common and she is doubtless a pretty busy girl so I was surprised by this as it was like continuing a conversation whilst I was last with her. Normally, I would say "Hi Jessie, this is Jacob ...... etc", but was simply not given the chance on this occasion.

So this has me wondering what sort of details do our Prossie members keep on their phones for their Punter clients. You may even have a separate database with various ratings or scores, likes and dislikes, reliability etc. I only have a standard phone so details are limited in number of characters and information I can enter into my contacts list. Maybe she has some sort of super-phone, I don't know. Do you say put "Jacob - Leicester - Big Nose - Bald - small knob - likes RO" or what if anything?

Also have any other Punters come across this type of thing. I should emphasise that she is not a regular and I'd only punted with her the once.
From the other side of the street I mainly use Adultwork 'Hotlist' to record any additional information I deem useful.

Hmmm I have been surprised by WGs that I haven't seen for a while remembering the details of our last meeting, stuff we shared between frantic couplings... but in the one context I have in mind there was no opportunity to consult a database, email archive, etc.  In fact it was a girl I had only seen in a parlour.

Now, reality and my ego are pretty well connected, so I am not assuming that I am THAT memorable lovely voice that I have aside... but yet out of the hundreds of guys this well regarded prossie might have seen between our appointments, she did keep my gift giving, likes and dislikes, etc on tap.  Somehow!

I guess that I remembered her too, likes to have firm graspings of her back and legs, vertical licks on her puss...

It must all be connected to the rhinacephalon somehow... dat ol' lizzard brain seldom forgets ;-)


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Funnily enough I have clients who get upset that I don't remember it's them, you know "Steve" who saw me earlier in the year(when earlier is about 6 months ago). Obviously because I have a wide range of types of bookings, sometimes in different venues then it can be easier for me to remember certain characters. Apart from that I keep enough info that lets me know we have had a liaison, which generally helps both parties as it's easier to say "You know where to come to...." then have to go through directions etc again(unless it's an outcall where I'll have eaten the info I used last time).

Some information is a good thing and some punters have even said they expect me to keep a database, so I will know their likes/dislikes etc. I keep what I require for a booking to be made efficiently. Best ones are where a guy will change his number then play a little game of "you know who". Ermm good fun when you were 5, but not really part of my day.

All makes sense and allows for a rapport to be built. Also it might help us avoid you in the future if you were abusive, nasty, didn't pay or are a habitual canceller. Obviously throw away SIM cards are a punters friend but you'd be surprised how many carry on commiting sins.

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