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Author Topic: Ami or Amy – a homophonic conundrum  (Read 676 times)

Offline Seahorse

Having saved my punting pounds, I have a homophonic conundrum (yes, my brain is bigger than my dick!).

I can’t decide between JessAmy and Office Babe Ami – and thought I’d seek some help.

To help, my favourite five, so far, have been (in no particular order):

Rosina (the naughtiest I have experienced)
UnrealBlackBarbie, circa 2010 (VERY pretty, and fabulous RO, but before all those extra pounds)
Megan of Shiremor/North Shields (sadly gone, but a combination of the above)
Fuckable Girly (again, sadly gone from the NE)
and my latest, MistressLips, who I am desperate to avoid EAS with!

My preferences are a dominant woman (from just taking the lead to the Full Monty) and RO … not too bothered about cim or anal, although I love a sexy arse.

Both seem to fit the bill and both are well reviewed on here.  Hopefully, someone has seen both, and can advise which should get my custom?
Banning reason: Fluffy demanding other punters not post negatives to avoid prossies losing money

If you want a big ass Ami is your girl. If you want a no holds barred session then its Jessamy. i have seen both of them multiple times. Ami is good, but Jessamy is on of the best I have seen.

Offline Tiger63

Jessamy....no question....could hardly walk when I came out of her place. :dance:

office ami didnt bother to respond to my messages so balls to her

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