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Author Topic: Avoid - Fake / recycled profile for Blonde Anna Swindon  (Read 305 times)

Offline 123Mel456

https://www.adultwork.com/2075344 or https://www.adultwork.com/+BLONDE%5FANNA+%5F

This is certainly not the Blonde Anna that I have seen a couple of times in Swindon
This profile has been recycled and the photos are fake - I have seen the original Anna (who was actually called Daniella) in Gloucester and on Eastcott Hill Swindon. Not sure if this one is back in the same place in Swindon but would advise caution if thinking of a visit

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Never saw her, but yes I remember seeing the profile in the Swindon Area a while back. She used to advertise duos with a girl called Olivia whose profile has also reappeared with a different girl on it: https://www.adultwork.com/2410532

Offline Lewis

Both profiles gone. I also noticed  Olivia (Daniella's mate) photos had also changed. Obviously Sergei is recycling profiles and selling them onto someone else, or they've been hacked.

And, no I had nothing to do with their removal this time - before anyone asks.  :P
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Offline Lewis

I see Olivia has a new profile.


Maybe her other profile got hacked after all. I know a couple of profiles recently that have gone that way.

I see she's now doing duo's with Sexy__  www.adultwork.com/2326429 instead of Blonde Anna (Daniella)

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