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I hadn't used an agency in a long time, so I took the plunge again and decided to book Alex from GEA. On the paper, everything I would enjoy, services-wise. What about in real life? Here we go...

Looks: Face-wise, she's quite beautiful. Red-head, great eyes and lovely smile with super-white teeth. Body-wise, well she seems quite fit, maybe a bit too thin to my taste, and she's got enhanced tits. Not the best pair I've had, not the worst either. And she has pierced nipples. Oh, and a few tattoos which don't show on her agency profile. She has a bit of a fake tan, which I'm not a big fan of. Anyways, that's all personal taste. She's a good looking girl after all, details put aside.

Punt: I have to say she's a really nice, approchable girl, very friendly and funny. Communication was easy, and we had some good laugh too. After a quick shower, we met on the bed. She asked me what I wanted to start with, to which I replied her to "surprise me". She started with a very slow, very gentle cock caress... With the tip of her fingers, gently, that felt so good, very erotic. Then on to some fantastic BJ. And I really mean it. Her oral technique is really good, and man can she take it deep !!! One of the best I've had. It lasted a while coz it was just awesome, yet I managed to keep control :) .
I then hinted I wanted to try something different. I asked about anal. She said she was keen !  :hi: Well, that's the funny part there. I'm guessing the preparation on her side was not optimal, because I only managed to put the tip inside... The rest wouldn't fit in. Maybe with more "preparation", it would have been better. Anyways, on to some "normal" sex, cow-girl and mish. I can't say I enjoyed it that much, It was alright but not the best. But that's my fault, usually when the BJ is awesome, I tend to not enjoy the sex so much, I don't know why... Always eager to get back to BJ. So that's what we did. And she took it all in her mouth. CIM, yay ! She didn't swallow though.
Had a quick chat, as I said she's bubbly and funny. And then back to some oral action, which finished in a vigorous handjob as we didn't have much time left. Another shower, and that was me gone.

Conclusion: Alex is a nice girl, very welcoming, quite good-looking, with awesome oral skills. An overall positive !
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