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Author Topic: Funniest Negative Feedback  (Read 1220 times)

What is the funniest negative feedback you've come across? I found the one below on Kirie's profile when she was touring my area a few weeks back. I nearly fell off my chair when I read it.

Feedback Only: booked and confirmed for 1-2-1; was at the hotel bang on time enetred the room to find 4 naked men. Left the room straight away.
Response: hi its was great you were an hour early for your 121 but oops soz thought you were for the bang - you could have come later!!



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Kirie's the one that does Bareback with everybody :scare:

He had a lucky escape by the look of it and he deserved to get bummed by all 4 men for being so silly and booking her in the first place.

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