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Author Topic: Very sexy for 40.  (Read 1016 times)

Offline ladyofthemansion


Hope for all us oldies.  :yahoo:

I made mistake. She's in her late 40s.

Offline hammer8

£150 an hour seems pretty pricy.

Maybe I'm just a mean git but sometimes the prices don't seem to reflect the reality of quite how much money is worth.

Offline Matium

Note that, in her photos, she is careful to cover her midriff.

WGs tend to do that in order to cover up unsightly details like stretch marks or flab.

Offline James999

I wonder what she's like without th ephotoshop  :scare:

Online Jimmyredcab

I wonder what she's like without the photoshop  :scare:

From her website ---------------- " With an hourglass figure to die for"

Translation ------    Fat and forty.     ;)

Is L.O.T.M now working as a P.I.M.P ?


Offline ladyofthemansion

Is L.O.T.M now working as a P.I.M.P ?


That could make everybody potential pimps when they put a link to a lady.

Well, has she got any pictures which are not photoshopped?

No 40 year old has skin like that

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