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Author Topic: First timer to Germany  (Read 533 times)

Offline lrpunter

Hey everyone,

First, thanks for all the great reviews here. I'd be totally lost without them. I'm getting ready for my first trip to Germany and had a few questions. Do you guys all speak at least a little German or is English pretty common, even in these clubs? I hardly ever see mention of the language barrier so I was wondering. Any recommendations as to where might be the best place to go for a non-German speaker? I was thinking of NRW because of all the flat rate clubs out there, but If you've got a better idea, I'll take it. It seems like most of you go to Berlin.

My other big question is about OWO. All of you seem to do it and that just blew my mind. It's awesome, but I'm worried about diseases. I thought it was just as easy to catch something from oral as it is from sex - do these places just rigorously test or something?

Offline Jerboa

You don't need German to punt, a undiscovered Indian tribesman from the deepest part of the Amazon could also get laid, if he has enough €uros, that's the language the hookers want to hear,  :D tbf Romanian would be a better one to learn in most clubs these days.
Yes OWO or as they say in Germany französisch ohne is safe, I take it you're a inexperienced punter.

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