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Author Topic: good massage parlours in west Yorkshire  (Read 685 times)

Good morning

I would like to go to a decent massage parlours in west yorkshire, anywhere like keighley, shipley, bradford. Although I do know skipton has none at all.


Offline stevedave

There are a few in Dewsbury, The Office and Flairs spring to mind. Not been to either personally so can't comment on the quality.

Other than that, there aren't that many in West Yorkshire any more. Keighley Spa/7th Heaven is still going I believe...I haven't been myselfnfoe probably 5 years so again can't vouch for the quality.

Sadly, parlours are something else that our cousins over the Pennines seem to do better than us (well, WY anyway, Sheffield seems to have quite a few parlours).

Thanks very much for the information, I may look into Keighley

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