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Author Topic: Agata -London Hot Collection  (Read 413 times)

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Offline Greg1


Wanted a tie bed tease session. Checked with the agency if she was up for this. Got an affirmative. So booked up with Agata.

Appearance compared to pictures was the usual photoshopping, but he's skin was a bit spotty and she had absolutely to boobs. I mean flat as a pancake!

Started off ok with some snogging, not too deep. Laid down on the bed and she is one of these girls who tries to hold your cock away from her body. Not too sexy at all.

Oral was good then onto the tying up of her wrists. I had confirmed with her at beginning of session that this was what I was after and she had agreed. But I could sense she wasn't sub and she kept on moaning about the rope and how she didn't like it etc. Fair enough but then why when asked dif she saw she was cool with it?

Anyway by now stiffly is dead so no point in carrying on.
Overall not worth it terrible attitude.

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