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Author Topic: Katie(?) - British Babes - Surbiton  (Read 1253 times)

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£70 for 30 mins


Following on from this brief exchange

I decided to rock up and see what was on offer.
Was hoping for a line up but was told only Kate (i think that was her name) was available so more of a dot-up than line up

Kate is mid to late 20's, Polish. good figure and not a bad face

Nice looking girl
good oral technique, not deep but purposeful and expert use of tongue
not rushed - in fact she said let her know when i was ready to progress
Tight pussy and happy for me to go balls deep
Not asked to shower before starting

No kissing at all
RO is £20 extra

Neutral (depending on view point)
BJ was covered
Not exactly the "huggy" touchy feely sort. Except for the body parts directly involved in the sex act she didn't touch me at all.

I was in and out in 15 minutes. The lack of kissing and my reluctance to fork out an extra £20 for RO meant that things progressed at a naturally quick pace from hand job - blow job - fucking. Each phase change was at my suggestion. Once I'd shot my load there didn't seem to be much point in hanging around.
She did offer a massage before we started which I declined, I have no doubt that I could have taken up the offer after the event had I wished to.

The place is well maintained but is on the main road and you'll be waiting in full view of passing traffic whilst the door is answered. There's nothing that screams BROTHEL from the outside except perhaps for the security gate in front of the front door.

All in - pretty much what I expected from a walk in parlour punt except for a dissappointing lack of choice and a slightly higher price. If i went again it would be for a £50 quicky
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Polish but they're called British Babes?! HAHAHA! Thanks for the review anyway pal :hi:
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