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Author Topic: GFE Amy  (Read 1120 times)

Morning all,

Anybody seen GFE Amy in Cheltenham?

She looks hot but there is limited chatter about her on here to offer reassurance!

Offline shining1

One of the best! She does put on a bit of weight after every return home to Poland - I'd guess size 12 now not 8. But great service, reliable, warm, funny and attentive, good DFK, I always book her as soon as I see she's back in Cheltenham.


Im away next week and have Naughtyslutsoph booked for the week after (cant fucking wait...) so I might try to see her after that.

Offline ballsup

Is she in Cheltenham (as profile suggests ) or Stroud (which she lists as her nearest train station) ?

Offline shining1

always Cheltenham - pretty central - when I've seen her.

Offline ballsup

Ta for that - one booking to make...

Offline subzero

She hasn't logged on to Aw for over a month .
I heard a rumour she was stopping working  - anyone know ?

Offline shining1

She comes and goes a lot - mainly goes. When I saw her in September she said she'd be away for a while but back in the autumn. I keep an eye open for her but have only got to see her twice this year. Always worth the wait, though!

Offline jawill

What does she do??? She seems to work for a day, then disappear for months on end! Makes your wonder why bother!

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