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Author Topic: Favourite punt from the olden days  (Read 4740 times)

Offline stevedave

Great girl, must have seen her 10+ times, initially near York Road apartments, then near the Living Well gym. Got to know her quite well and even knew her real name and the famous school she went to. I was responsible for introducing her to the other site, where she became quite a prolific contributor. She retired when she finished her uni course in June 2008, and I kept in touch with her for a while, until she was no longer able to work. Missed greatly.

Yes, it was through that site I got chatting with her, so I guess I owe you a debt of gratitude  :hi: I saw her near a gym, Bannatynes I think it was, just down the road from LRI.

Sindi was a top girl! Quite unique. I always wondered what happened to her. Glad I found this thread, albeit a few months down the line :)

Saw her a few times back in the day during my first phase of punting. Kinda had a 1940s pin-up girl image. Great arse and really loved sex, or so it seemed!
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Was Sindi the girl who played bass guitar in a punk/rock band ?

Offline CoolTiger

Was Sindi the girl who played bass guitar in a punk/rock band ?

Yes, I'm pretty sure of that.

Had forgotten about her other talent, which used to get in the way for us punters...... she could not work as she was away playing gigs elsewhere!!!

I saw Sindi twice ... first time was amazing, second not so good - she'd had a late night, asked me to get condoms for the booking and was "off the pace" - so I didn't return.

Offline bfgent

Does anyone remember a gorgeous girl from Lincoln, now that is a rarity, I am sure she was called paige34c, also worked in oasis if I recall correctly. Was around 2009/10. Unbelievable body and long dark hair, oh to find her again!,

Offline jc1971

My favourite from 15 years ago was Feebee at Heaven on Greenland Rd in Leicester. A posh working girl and a great fuck. Anyone know if she is still around?

I've a few that stand out.  There was Lee in Long Eaton mentioned previously.  There was girl with glasses called Louise based on the A610 Nuttall Road, not far away from Halfords/The Newcastle Arms.  Lisa at Caesar's in Codnor (is that still there?).  One of my early punts was Fiona in Duffield, and also a petite Scottish lady called Cassie. 

Blimey - yes Louise with glasses ...  on the A610 - downstairs round the back of a big old house on the left as you leave Nottingham.

Rachael - SexyR1 - from Chesterfield was a regular of mine.

Emily of Arnold/Daybrook.

Fiona in Duffield

There's one I had forgotten about, a bit strange but lovely tight arse and no inhibitions about taking it. Similarly, Kim who had a flat above the Victoria Centre. Nice slim body and tight bum - well I did like some anal in those days.


Talking of Shepshed I used to visit the parlour and see a redhead, but for the like of me I can't remember her name. The most athletic sex I've had, we were virtually hanging from the light fittings! Anyone else remember her?

You mean Kelly? God, the number of times she was the reason for me leaving The Birdcage with knees of jelly! And her brunette friend, Tara. I had both of them together one birthday. Not an afternoon to forget in a hurry!

About 2001 - 2004 I saw a more mature woman in her 40s (Rosie, if I remember) who worked in Kegworth and then Mountsorrel. Longish black curly hair, nice trim body and an amazing bush. She used to enjoy snogging her face off and was very enthusiastic when it came to sex. She used to put some girls half her age to shame!

Offline nuts73

Mainly punting in lincolnshire around 2000, i would have to say Emma from silks of spalding. Also could be seen sometimes in grantham. Angelina from silks was also memorable, dutch/carribean lady

Offline jc1971

If Louisa Lovett is still working somewhere l would love to know! Charming, intelligent and great sex......

Offline Nigel57

Unfortunately is retired and happily married now.

TNS - that girl and flat in Stabbo brought back an interesting memory. I'm sure it must have been the same place not far from the Coop. Standing full view of all the neighbours while waiting to be let in. My recollection is of a good looking black girl who provided be with my one any only experience of anal sex. It's not that it was bad; just that I found out that anal isn't for me when the other orifice is so much sweeter.

While I'm reminiscing, there was a pretty girl lived in and worked from a terrace house near Sutton in Ashfield. Saw her a few times and she gave a lovely GFE. But what sticks in my mind was the garden pond in her living room which had fish or frogs living in it.

Blimey - yes ... the pond in the front room .... I went there once - can't remember much about the punt tho' ....

Online hitman33

Rachel R1 near chesterfield or somewhere,  absolutely great girl and used to have parties in the shed at the bottom of her garden! Haha slim and beautiful as she could squirter clear across the room! Happy days!

wow I am new to this....

My first punt was a girl from Adultwork her name was Jojo and she went under the name Miss Whiplash. Green punter I went to her "premises" and it was a warehouse where filming was done. She is certainly up there in the favourite punts

Saw her a few times after that at the same place and over a 3 year period saw her at a few different places, including Hucknall and Ashbourne.

Another would be a girl I met a few times at a place in derby off Ashbourne Road

https://www.adultwork.com/684783 or https://www.adultwork.com/sonia4stockings

She didn't call herself that then, just Sonia but I was a fairly regular visitor about 20 yrs ago. She was always happy to please within the norms of that time. Not a bad figure dressed well with a very clean and inviting place. Shower etc available and no rush but one pop was usual and then you were on your way but that was the same everywhere I think.
I might even go back for old times sake one day as we both still seem to be active  :D
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Offline jc1971

Another top girl was Venus at a place in Leicester along the Melton Road. This is back around 2000-2006. Always a great service and always VERY enthusiastic.....

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