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Author Topic: Horney Slutty girl - Pimlico  (Read 5727 times)

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Offline GoodMullah

i also saw her in September and would say she was a minimum size 12 maybe 14 but
found her a long way from vanilla.she had her pierced tongue down my throat within 30 sec
of us meeting,shortly after that she practically tried to deepthroat my balls...
top girl imho.
Agree, her minimum size 12 curvy
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Yes I would agree on reflection - 12 to 14 sounds right.  A woman of substance, but in the best possible way!!!  And I usually like my girls on the skinny side.

Offline Big Bad R

Always been tempted by positives on UKP, it's just that photo on AW doesn't do it for me  :unknown:

Perhaps I will have to reconsider  ;)

Offline Hertsgent

The AW photos are not an accurate reflection of what appears from behind the door Big Bad R  :wacko:

Offline Tom5334

I'd agree Size 12-14, but carries it very well. I saw Kasia around 5-6 weeks ago and would return next time I'm in London. Really good session and the whole experience was top notch, location, drinks on offer, no clockwatching at all.
After I had my second pop the hour was almost up but Kasia asked if I was ready for Round 3!!
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Offline yuiop300

Always been tempted by positives on UKP, it's just that photo on AW doesn't do it for me  :unknown:

Perhaps I will have to reconsider  ;)

She is a great punt.  Well worth the price and she is prettier in real life.  She is not thin but she is very sexy and curvy.  Definitely not fat.

For sure...very good looking facially and great fun too with lots of curves to enjoy  :thumbsup:

Offline Notpastit

Had another 2 hrs worth with the lovely Kate/HSG last Friday pm, mind blowing as ever! This gorgeous girl is a lover of hard cock in all orifices basically!

Dressed up in a new outfit incl black elbow length gloves - wow! - real porn star look!

At my advanced years finding it difficult to keep up with this horny chick but I'm sure you younger bucks will enjoy great fun with her, nothing seems to be too much trouble!

Roll on 2016 as I gather from her AW she's off over Xmas from next Mon 14th, which is a shame as I'm away this w/e etc. plus one of my other hot n horny  "regulars", Sylvia Nymphoservice is taking a break at the mo - back to the porn until NY then, unless I decide to carry out further research, have 1 or 2 possibs on my to do list!

Happy Punting/Xmas/NY to all!

At my advanced years finding it difficult to keep up with this horny chick ...

Hi Notpastit, great to see you back.  After our last exchange of posts, I was seriously concerned that perhaps you had been hospitalised or put into a senior home.  Glad that all is well, old boy.  How did you get on with the lovely Kate?  Is it safe to be carrying on at your age?

Offline Notpastit

All's well, thanks for your concern, plenty of life in the old dog yet, sadly not as much as 10-15 yrs ago but while the urge is still there....

Not much to add to my previous review, I'm sure Kate's multitude of fans know what I'm on about!

Interested in 2 spotted on AW for future research:

Sexy Blonde Isla -   www.adultwork.com/2643934

Blonde Pamela - www.adultwork.com/3004028

Both hot looking,well built busty ladies, offering full range of required services, just my type! - any info/observations most welcome from readers as planning not too distant indulgence(s)!

Good punting!

5 review(s) found for SexyBlondeIsla linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
3 review(s) found for  BigNBusty linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Go for it, Notpastit Old Chap.  Bravo.  That's the Dunkirk spirit!

[That dirty old fella is going to go out with a smile on his face and an empty pack of Viagra in his pocket]

... Oh and Just watch out for your creaky old back when you're lifting Kate.

Offline Royd30

Hi would love to visit her, can anyone tell me what size she is, is she on the large side, I mean plump, I don't really favour too big a lady and would hate to waste a trip...any recent pictures which reflects her size...thanks and regards

Offline Hertsgent

See previous comments on this very same thread......

Offline Notpastit

Yep, saw her only last Fri, not "plump", I'd say a 12 but perf proportioned, leggy, horny and busty, sexy wiggly arse!

Kate is a real turn on, dresses to thrill, has a multitude of outfits for all tastes, no need for Viagra for me, my cock stiffens the minute I walk through the door and catch sight of her!


Hey Notpastit, Old feller

If Kate was a car, which car would she represent best?

If Kate was an animal, which animal would she be?

I'd be grateful for your views on these matters.  You have a great many years of experience under your belt.  Grace us with the answers, oh wise one.


Have tried to book her recently but she had to cancel on morning of booking.  Will have to try again soon.

Offline Notpastit


Thanks for your appreciation of my experience/wisdom acquired through much punting over the years

Said all I have to say on this particular topic at the mo I'm afraid, doing some intense, in depth M. R. now on my forthcoming project for next week, my next pre Xmas treat to myself

We can't have too much of a good thing - never know what tomorrow brings - that's my motto anyway

Chin Chin and all that!

Happy Punting

No problem Notpastit.

You have a nice lie down now and rest your ancient bones.  Imagine that you're riding a tractor.  And you're watching lots of sheep jumping over fences.



Does HSG do facefucking (i.e. where she lies on her back with head over edge of bed) ?

Offline MintRoyale

Does HSG do facefucking (i.e. where she lies on her back with head over edge of bed) ?

She did that with me. I didn't push it to the limit and literally fuck her face though

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