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Author Topic: Diamonds pictures  (Read 834 times)

Offline Jamessn

Diamonds have a few girls with new pics. Not sure they are any better than the previous ones.

All taken on a white background so pretty boring. I prefer ones taken in an apartment, much better. After all these girls aint models. They look uncomfortable. Reminds me of CT Escorts, look what happened to them.

Still think the best up here, were the escortsnortheast ones from a few years ago. They were pretty good at one time, crap when they were being raided and going under.

I wonder where all their girls went to, they always attracted the best looking escorts, I wonder how. I don't know of any of their girls still working, apart from Selina at Amour.
They also didn't charge any more for outcall, the situation with Diamonds outcall is stupid, why don't they just admit they don't want to do them?

Offline quickbeam

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Offline Looking4fun

You've got the opposite with allure mostly out calls on their books

was C.T Escorts not lily/faith when she ran her own agency

Offline AnthG

Looking at them now, I like the new white photos.

The problem with Diamonds photo's was always two fold. The first was they were too dark. Which these new ones definitely have fixed.

The other was the very low resolution / small size to them. This one they need to fix.

They have it setup on the website that when you click on the photo it brings it up to the forefront. This would be the perfect chance for them to have a high resolution photo.

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