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Author Topic: Bella Ragazza - Body To Body Massage in Haringey - Visit 2  (Read 1798 times)

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Offline Expl1cit

Following on from my very positive review of Bella just a week ago, I made a return visit today.  Without my fluffy glasses on, this would be a Neutral with a strongly considered Negative  :cool:

I stand by my original review because it was true, but this return visit has tarnished what was one of my best ever sessions in this crazy world of punting, which is a shame.

Firstly the booking.  I sent a text to Bella on Sunday evening at 9:45pm, asking if she was free tonight to meet .    She replied within 10 minutes to say "yes probably around 11 I will be free".  I sent a text back 3 minutes later to confirm this is fine, and I will arrive between 11:15pm -11:30pm.

Had a shower & shave, got in my car and made my way across London to her, which is approximately a 45min drive.

I got a text from her just after 11pm to say her last customer got late, so she will only be free after 12:30am.  I was literally less than 5 minutes away from her place when I got the text  :thumbsdown:

I texted her back to say I was almost there, and said because I came all the way, I would wait.  Fortunately I was in my car and also feeling a little hungry so I grabbed some food and was relaxing in my car waiting to empty my balls.  I texted her at 12:15am, asking if she would be ready in 15 minutes, no reply.

I called her at 12:30am, no answer.  Called again a few times and no answer.  Then at 12:50am, she send me a text message to say she already finished her last booking earlier, but was tired and had enough for the day.  So the stupid cow kept me waiting for 75 minutes and then deliberately waited at least a further 20 minutes before deciding to text me to say that she never intended to go through with the booking anyway, and then said "Even with my regulars, if they wish to see me, they have to let me know at least a few hours before.  I dont wait for anybody, they must wait for me"

I am usually a pretty patient guy, and am flexible around bookings, so dont mind waiting but this was seriously taking the piss, even by her standards.

In fairness, she did apologise profusely and try to explain the situation but she is delusional in her belief that she is in control.  In any business, even if you are the market leader, your customers are your focus and this is lesson she needs to learn.  You don't agree times and then do as you please!

So finally at 1:30am I left after exchanging several texts, made my way home without emptying my balls.  Took my frustrations out on my car, and fellow motorists who tried to get in my way but it was a beautiful drive home.  Only took 20 minutes  ;)

She offered me a good discount to come back the following day (ie: today) and I decided to go for it, but made it clear that I will be there at a specific time 8:00pm, and I won't wait.  She agreed and I made my way there, with a couple of days worth of supplies ready to be released.

I texted her at 8:00pm to say I would be there within 10 minutes.  She replied OK immediately.  Exactly 10 minutes later I texted her to say I was there, and I had to wait a further 10 minutes before she decided to open the door, and then told me I hope you were not standing outside for the last 10 minutes because of the neighbours, haha.  You can only laugh at her psychosis  :lol:

Finally made it inside, and then she was walking around without a care in the world, eating a sandwich while I was lying naked on the bed waiting for her.  She wonders in and out of the room for upto 5 minutes, chatting with her flatmate.  If I didn't enjoy the sex so much on the first visit, I would have walked on at least several occasions.

A combination of her attitude, lack of excitement on my part made this much less enjoyable than the first time.  Oh and she also said she wasn't well, having a bad back which made the booking more awkward.  In fairness again, the B2B was good and in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, she managed to make herself cum.  Switched positions and I really couldn't be fucked to fuck her, so I decided to leave.

I certainly won't be returning again.  Deep down she is a very nice person, but it would take a extremely patient individual to put up with all the shit that comes included with the service.

Over and out for me  :hi:

Original Positive Review: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=68691.0
Link: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2895432
Services: 1hr of personal services + B2B Massage

[Changed from Neutral to Negative by admin at request of poster]
Banning reason: White-knight

10 review(s) found for bella_ragazza<3 linked to in above post (3 positive, 5 neutral, 2 negative)

You must have extreme eas for this girl for you to consider all that a neutral and not a negative!
Also when did this girl become a "market leader"?

Offline SamLP

That read like a double negative. I would never wait that long for a girl. My maximum time limit is 15 minutes, then I call. If there's no answer I walk.

Offline Kaluuu276

You sucker we told you she is a timewaster.

Do you know about Sexy Horny Sara, think its her friend?

Offline Turtle1

This girl is full of her self, she's big, selfish and thinks she's something out of this world with her stinky attitude.

Hope she comes back to read this. Also to our Dear fluffy punters, stay away from these time wasters. Let them go elsewhere where in Europe with their shit service. The UK is becoming the HUB of bad WG now days, stop contributing to this by boycotting these money grabbing liars.

Offline The_Don

Hope she comes back to read this.

She had an account on UKP but got banned

Offline G.Raff

That read like a double negative.

I'm a patient and reasonable man but what you have described is definitely a negative for me.

Offline Big Cat

I saw her recently and wasn't too impressed overall. I will say this for her - she's not as big as some had made out.

I ended up leaving with a headache because the girl cannot STFU for 2 minutes. The "loudness" of her decorations around the house may have contributed to that also
Banning reason: Previously banned fluffy troll (Daniel Bryan)

Offline punter6969

Does she have a flabby belly and saggy tits? That's a no no for me!

Offline anton216

Sometimes its good to take advice from your fellow punters. We're all here to help each other out, and not just snap at them for saying anything bad about a WG that you extremely like.

Just remember they are WGs, they probably don't give a shit about how much you like them, all they are after is your money.

This though, definitely sounds like a negative to me. I was quiet surprised you found her so interesting as you did. To me, I just found her annoying and couldn't wait for her to shut the fuck up and just get on with it.
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Offline EE

This slag got really bad situation as far as I remember since 2014. There should be a ban on her already  :thumbsdown:

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