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Author Topic: BiBi-Thaigirl - Bayswater  (Read 1370 times)

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Offline OpalFruit

As previously noted on here, Jenny (as she is known in an advert elsewhere) is primarily a masseuse. She is skilled at what she does, and yes, there is the hand job which she offers (surprisingly she mentioned it on the phone without much prompting), but it was the opportunity to ease some tension in my back I was after.

The massage was very professional, and was done on a massage table. It lacked sensuality, however. It was, well.... professional. Even when she turned me over onto my back and starting with the hand job, it was this additional factor that seemed absent. It was clear that she wasn't going to offer anything else, and even though she allowed me rest my hand near her bum, that's as erotic as it was going to get. I ended up finishing myself off whilst holding her round her waist as a hand job has never done it for me.

She is based in the set of flats behind Starbucks on the main Bayswater strip. Communication was good. She was perfectly pleasant on the phone, and then exchanged texts in the lead-up to my appointment. Photographs are very accurate.

I paid 60 pounds for the hour, but paid 20 extra as a tip.

She also mentioned a return visit on more than one occasion, which I may consider.


2 review(s) found for BiBi-Thaigirl linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

£80 for a massage and cold functional soul destroying handjob yet you're considering a return visit ?


Offline yumyum3

£80 for a massage and cold functional soul destroying handjob yet you're considering a return visit ?


Indeed.  :crazy:

Offline CelticWarrior2

£80 to pull yourself off - can't you do that at home for free?
And why a positive review then?
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