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Author Topic: xxx Hannah xxx (HNDF)  (Read 737 times)

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Online HughJardon

Ive visited Hannah on a few occasions the last few years, I thought an up to date review would be beneficial to visitors of HNDF

https://www.adultwork.com/1928688 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxx+hannah+xxx

Comms are easy, a simple phone call arranging meeting and a text message with postcode is sent straight back

Ample parking in private bays(any number) when outside I sent text that I was here and the door was open for me.

Hannah answered the door looking like plain Jane, I immediately noticed that she had gained a few pounds but nothing that made me walk, she has possibly gone from size 10 to 12

As soon as I got in and took my shoes off Hannah was all over me, squeezing the denim around my cock telling me that she was going to have fun with me tonight, shower offered but declined, drink offered and taken, Orange Tango (whoop dee doo)

She came back into the room with a little 2 piece on, her tits spilling out of her bra,lovely big areolas popping out. No massage was offered or even contemplated, I wanted sex and what I got was hard sex. We DFK throughout, she straddled me and took her bra off brushing her nips into my mouth. Then down to a spot of OWO loads of hand and tongue action, balls not neglected either.
Fucked her hard in 3 positions Riding, Doggy, and Mish, she just wanted to keep going but I told her to drop to her knees and blew my load all over her tits. I instantly remembered that she isnt the best looking of drainers, but service wise its always full on.

The bad news is she told me that shes leaving tomorrow and wont be back for 9 months. Im glad I took time out to visit, and the way she sucked my cock I would return.

Great service for £90 pounds an hour

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4 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Redevil86

Put some weight on , not back for 9 months  ? Not me sir, I've only visited Carla !

Good vfm at £90 an hour. Greedy WG'S take note!

Come on Guys - Who's the Daddy???????  :bomb:

Online HughJardon

It felt like she was gagging for it as much as I was and that certainly came across with the level of service.
I did contemplate after giving Hannah a good seeing to, taking a shower then getting the once over from Carla for 30 mins, as she was free but I had nothing left in the tank for her.
It also got me thinking if Hannahs leaving for 9 months then surely they'll bring someone new in, forever the optimist  :drinks:

Yes agreed £90 an hour is great VFM

Congratulations to the father whoever you are  :drinks:

Either new apprentice on the cards or Jessica and Nicky to stay longer  :yahoo:

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