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Author Topic: Hannah- Carols Edinburgh  (Read 4687 times)

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Offline colinj

Yeah I heard that too in my visits to BSS - remember mentioning it to the ladies and they rubbished it, consensus seemed he is firm but fair and doesnt have favourites.  Still remember Diana said "Scotts not the problem" which I took an understanding from as William always was a knob with the girls.  There's someone who would lay into the ladies even in the lounge and sacked three of my favourites of all time from BSS - all three leaving in floods of tears. Pioneer? No. Plonker? Yes.

Scott seems to have all the best sauna staff happily working there these days so seems unlikely.  Makes the case for strict and tough regulation though, providing exactly same worker/union rights to sauna staff as every other working person and I would establish a body of oversight from the third sector which would oversee the industry and it's regulation.

Only ever been buzzed in LSS in the good old days when you never wanted to leave the room.  Usually straight back down again for a fiver with nod from David and squak from YoYo and a stare from Kerry  :angry:  who was waiting for a room to be available only for me to be rebooking.
you really are a big blair street fan duncan by George you are.
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Offline Duncan Maddick

And the first part of the question,who were the girls.

 :D See you soon. :D
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Offline Duncan Maddick

you really are a big blair street fan duncan by George you are.

You betcha!  :yahoo:  :rolleyes:
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Seems admin has had enough of the blatant touting from Mr maddick.

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