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Author Topic: Bristol Blond GFE  (Read 779 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2059888 or https://www.adultwork.com/bristol+blonde+GFE

I have a confession.  I found this lady via SAAFE - hiss boo ban him!  I ventured tentatively on there out of interest to see what the lovelies talk about - and was shocked at some of the bad attitudes.  However, in the short time I was there one person stood out as having a GREAT attitude, who offered great advice to other girls and encouraged them to offer good service.  She also had a link on her posts to her personal website. So I booked her from there rather than AW.  Her great attitude, and enthusiasm to do anal (when I texted her) made me decide to give her a try - she turned out to be BBG!

Comms were very quick and easy. Location has plenty of metered on-street parking right outside, and its a 10 mins walk from Temple Meads. Her flat is very pleasant and spacious.

BBG seemed really pleased to see me on arrival, she smiled and launched into DFK.  She offered me a drink and a shower which I took.  I noticed she is a big girl, tall and well built, but not fat.  I would say she is truthful about her age of 32. She has long natural and thick blond hair which I liked.  Large firm all natural boobs as well.

Just one problem - I didn't really fancy her - not her fault - I'm just hooked on 22yo Size 8's.  So I had trouble getting really turned on but she soon sorted that out!

We started off on the bed with more DFK then onto sloppy OWO.  She is very gentle with her mouth, and used her fingers to tease my balls and my body. She encouraged me to play with her hair so I grabbed it and used it to push her head up and down on my cock. She happily sucked my balls. All with loads of eye contact and smiles which I really liked.

I didn't really fancy doing RO on her, but did then start to finger her, and OMG she was SO tight, which surprised me.  She was wet but when she asked me to put 2 fingers in I struggled.  She put on a mac and we started in mish, me on top with her legs under my arms.  It was tight and she moaned and said it was really deep. She genuinely seemed to enjoy the sex.

She then went on top for more sex.  Then she leant forward and put some lube on her fingers, lubed herself, then eased me into her arse.  I didn't have to ask!  We started slow then built up to a good hard arse fucking.  I did ask if she could do it in doggy and she said no, just cowgirl.  So I settled for some hard pussy sex in doggy.

She then did loads more BJ until I was ready to cum.  I asked her to sit on a chair while I stood. She wanked me and took my cum it in her mouth and around her lips and chin.  She maintained eye contact as she slowly swallowed. Again no need to ask!  She asked if I fancied a kiss?  I declined and let her clean up, then we kissed again, and I showered again.

I sensed she would have been happy for me to stay longer - she was teasing me, grabbing my groin, trying to kiss me as I was packing up to leave.  Not a clockwatcher.

I paid £120 for 1 hour, but when I met her she said she has a special offer on now - if you book via an AW booking you get a £20 discount ie. £100/hr - which is great VFM (especially as all services are included in the price).

She has a really great attitude. Nice thick blond hair. Very attentive and friendly GFE.  Amazing VFM and all services  (OWO, CIM, Swallow, DFK, Anal) delivered with enthusiasm and skill.  Just not quite my type though..

Cheers!  :drinks:
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10 review(s) found for Sexy Janet GFE linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Roth

Nice review.   :drinks: She's a good punt IMHO and definitely not a clock watcher.   :thumbsup: :rose:

My punt also over ran and she did not mind at all and was in no rush to see me go.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Great service.  :thumbsup: :rose:

Good review Talleyho, love the ladies with good attitude so banged on my list !

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