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Author Topic: What do WG's really think of punters ?  (Read 1157 times)

I don't think I can compete with comaminion on the comedy front so I won't even try.

In answer to the OP's question I imagine it is like most other client and customer service relationships you will find in general business. It is all about the £ signs first - but some people will be easier to deal with and other more difficult characters a chore. The former they may encourage to return by saying nice things etc because it will make the job easier - although obviously that's all still about the dough, they are just trying to get more of the sort of business that is less difficult to deal with.

Just speculation of course, and it's likely going to vary by individuals on both sides - I'd expect this isn't too far from the truth in most cases though.
Your probably right in a way but we will never know about your humour which is a shame, would be nice for someone to push him in the cat litter.

I know with my business, more effort is made with easy to get on customers, in fact i sacked the rest, does that make me a courtesan ?

Offline unclesweetheart

Just have a quick browse of SAAFE and you'll soon realise what most of them think of us.

They just want us to give them our money and then get out as soon as possible. Should you dare to expect sex for the full hour you've paid for they'll likely slag you off in a thread on there.

There's a lot of comments on here about the negative way girls talk about us on SAAFE. It seems to me that it's a much more complex picture and actually misrepresents what is said on that site. Many of the girls on there enjoy the work - the money, sure, but also say that many of the guys are ok and the sex ok too. One girl was saying that she gets all her sexual needs met through escorting and so doesn't worry about having a relationship, for example. If you go on the site now, for example, you'll see a girl talking about a great weekend session she had with a client. It's a business, sure, but why can't people who do business together have fun too? They can and do.
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Offline Placebo88

Having been a punter for a few years now I offen wonder
'What do WG's really think about punters ?'

There is obviously no definitive answer to the question as it is worded.

WGs do not have a collective consciousness ; they are not one entity but separate individuals. Answers will vary from one end of the spectrum to the other on any parameter you choose to consider.The opinion of most individual escorts will also alter significantly depending on the individual punter involved.

If you asked this forum what they though of WGs you would get a similar response.The same as you would get to any such question in life.

In a limited career I have already encountered a wide range of atmospheres and attitudes.

As others have said reading of SAAFE will provide some insight.A lot of the members seem to post their genuine thoughts and opinions which can be enlightening - although be cautious of believing too much written by some of the' man-hater ' types who likely have ulterior motives and will try to talk other members ( ie the competition ) out of as many bookings as they can on the ostensible grounds of concern for their well being !
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