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Author Topic: former madam in the daily record  (Read 1158 times)

Offline Raithfan


anyone remember when she use to have lots of black girls working out of howard street about 4 years ago. good rates but had a feeling they were not happy in their job. 

prob blackmailed the guy to get some extra cash.

Offline RandyF

I've been going past that burds shop for weeks, and been kinda quietly shaking my head thinking that 'Elegance by Sista's' is not a very PC 2015 name for a African American ladies to be calling their shop  :rolleyes:

But here, it's not Elegance by Sista's it's Elegance by Sisa's  :lol: :dash:  :dash:

Anyway, didn't this bloke give her money by choice? Bad case od EAS, no doubt led-on by, and pounced upon by Sisa.

Never met any of those hunnies round Howard Street, but one other hoor in that same building did tell me it was there Jambalaya that was stinking out the lobby  :rolleyes:
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