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Author Topic: Girls in Thongs Saturday night?!  (Read 885 times)

Offline PMAC123

Sorry if this is the wrong place but I'm from Cardiff and was in Birmingham Saturday for a night out (watching the rugby in Players was an experience).

Walking down Broad Street about 9:30pm and an old grey haired guy is walked down the street with 3 perfect 10 girls, 2 blonde and one brunette. The one blonde at the front has to have been the hottest girl I've ever seen. They were wearing thongs and corsets and nothing else, asscheeks everywhere.

Did anyone else see this? Are they known characters from the city? I couldn't figure out if they were strippers gone for a walk out of one of the clubs, WGs, or if this old guy was rich as fuck and it was some kind of sugar daddy situation. Or maybe it's none of these and that's just what girls wear out here (in which case I'm moving). The reason I'm asking was if they are WGs or even strippers I need to know who they were as I need some alone time with that blonde!
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Probably from one of the lap dancing clubs handing out flyers, I use to go out with a girl years ago who did this for Spearmint Rhino.

Offline vision2014

This happens now and again in broad street promating the strip clubs they used to drive around in a limo and get out

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