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Author Topic: anneta busty/Busty Aneta - Cardiff  (Read 1060 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/3160511 or https://www.adultwork.com/anneta+busty

I've been tempted by this girl a few times, just looking at those boobs! has anyone had the pleasure?

I've been with her, Overstone Court girl, she's a big boned girl photo heavy Photoshopped in the hips n thigh area, I'm a fairly big guy and she had bigger torso than me

Is she a tall lass as well? She looks pretty in the photos, is that accurate?
How was the actual service?

The service wasn't too bad she was just too big for me, I was trying to have her from behind but her hips where so wide and legs high, it felt like I needed to be a Pro Basketball player to give her a good seeing too.  I like women petite like a Kylie rather than a 2nd row South African Rugby Player.  Polish Girl she was.

No way near as nice as the pictures suggest however it is the girl I met, I was disappointed to be honest

Sounds like the general feel of the Overstone Court girls as far as I can see...

Offline aardvark

What are her face and boobs like - are the pics accurate there?

What are her face and boobs like - are the pics accurate there?

To be fair, her boobs did looks spectacular in those photos...

Tits are accurate but the body shape through the hips thighs and ass are photoshopped and face dolled up but not as nice in real life, usual shit, but the girl I saw was her, just big, shot putter type you know

Offline HughJardon

This is the girl just add a few stone, but still its Overstone Court/Dumb balls road so potentially anyone could answer the door.

Offline aardvark

I would, even with an extra stone or two!

Plus she's about 6ft 4 inches in heels

I definitely would. those tits look amazing!

Plus she's about 6ft 4 inches in heels

Woah, that's a skyscraper... I am only 5ft6....

I remember having doggy and I felt like a munchkin, my hand spacing was about 1 metre wide and I was pushing upwards, I remember those chunky shoulders I grabbed onto also, some blokes love that huge type of gal but I like em tiny weeny screamers who squirt and quiver and tight and wet and fuck like crazy (help me guys I can't stop)  :sarcastic: - right, I'm off for a wank

Offline aardvark

Well her likes says she will do MMF 3some - maybe a couple of us should team up to see her!!!!!

Sure, I'll give you a leg up to get your cock in her cos I could have done with one when I was there  :wackogirl:

Offline aardvark

I like the idea of having her on the edge of the bed and banging into her doggy - should solve the height differential issue!

I gave her great oral by going 'up' on her

I think I gave her better Oral than she gave me

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