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Author Topic: Eve 94  (Read 961 times)

21 review(s) for Eve01 (13 positive, 3 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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What a scam  :angry:

Looking threw adult-work and found eve , looked stunning and a young polish girl, always had good experiences with them so thought why not.

Called her up and no answer , few mins later she returned my call.

Arranged to book her, she said she would text the address , about 20mins passed no address so called again, she gave me the address and postcode , the address she said was slightly different to the way she said it but can't go wrong with a postcode too ?? (Or can you)

Drove to the postcode she gave me in leith area, a good 30min drive from mine.

Arrived and called her , said I was just along the road . So I proceeded to her flat , said I was outside , can you buzz me in as the door numbers were not clear. She then said her buzzer is fine , if I can't see it then I'm in the wrong place, she then said its west........ Cres and its 20mins from the address you are and hung up. (Strange as if there is two streets named similar you think she'd pick up on that and warn guys) bet there's not two areas with the same postcode though  :mad:

The postcode she gave was an eh6 number , I know my way about Edinburgh and the name of the street she gave me does not exist

Why do working girls do this  :diablo:

She seemed very geniue every time I spoke with her.

One to avoid

21 review(s) found for Eve01 linked to in above post (13 positive, 3 neutral, 5 negative)

Sorry to hear about your experience, truly hate it when they do that but will through the dummy out the pram if your 10 mins late.
But if you had checked her link on here you will see she as previous in Dundee.

Offline seeker

How accurate is her profile
Seems photoshooped to oblivion  :unknown:

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I've been to see Eve recently lovely lass and very pretty but the flat was a nightmare to find.
once you find the correct street which I had to go ask one of the receptions to find which is not ideal, the building doesn't have a number on it so you cant be sure, the buzzer was finicky and once inside her room didn't have a room number(only one room did) so I spent good five minutes trying to decide which door to knock on all up started punt maybe 20 minutes late.

with all of that phone reception is very limited outside and non existent inside the building, bloody nightmare.

all that said she is young, pretty and responsive and the photos are actually reasonably accurate a little photoshop glamour style but it is her IMO.

Offline JazzMan

That's no way to run a railroad. :wackogirl:
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

That's no way to run a railroad. :wackogirl:

Lol maybe we should nationalise it then

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