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Author Topic: The Back Door  (Read 2905 times)

Offline willbred

I enjoy a tongue, a finger(or two) or a small vibe up there. Anything approaching even an "average" strap on reduces Mr Stiffy to Mr. Amoeba!
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Offline webpunter

Only thing that goes near my rusty sherriff's badge is a female tongue nowt else
Does the badge like the rusty trombone treatment ?  :D

Receiving a BJ while she has a finger up my arse - wonderful.

Last two girls I have been with have done that, first out of the blue (thankfully I really enjoyed it!) and the second, because I asked for it. unfortunately her nails were quite long...


I've had girls offer but would never do it. It freaks me out.

+1 +2 +3  Not my bag. For me it's an exit not an entrance.

Not criticising though .....whatever floats your boat.

well, my next booking has her dildo ready for me...

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