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Author Topic: Xena, for the last time....never say never again  (Read 1088 times)

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Offline mrx007

Much discussed on here, the lovely Xena. I'll keep it short as some may find this review superfluous as she may possibly have retired for good. Saw her just before last weekend when sadly she was leaving on Sunday.

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/2486447 or https://www.adultwork.com/cute+doll86xxx

Surprisingly she added these new pics a few days before she went back home to Hungary. I would have thought she wasn't short of regulars to take up all her remaining days. That said I texted her in the morning for an early afternoon appointment.

Without going fluffy the pictures don't do her justice but they do look like her. I'd say she hasn't really chosen the best poses but there you are.

Paid £50 for 30 minutes which is £40 + £10 to give her a mouthfull of creamy goodness. Shame you can't just turn up, pay £10 just to wank in her mouth.

Anyway with my particular perference being standing in front of a good looking kneeling female that's what happened. Xena uses her hands and mouth in a way that just makes me shoot my built up sap in  fairly quickly. Some could say she uses her hands more than her mouth but she does it well. No chance of getting her to deep throat unless you are on the small side. She just about gets half a length in.

Nice touch is that recently she's added the mirror for perfect viewing of her on her knees sucking/wanking the fuck pipe. Held onto her head while I spurted 4 days worth of creamy protein enriched fluck muck into her hungry mouth.

Great girl that she is, although she looked surprised at how much I had fed her, she still wipes the cock clean before rushing to the bathroom to spit out the seed.

Afterwards she used a term I don't like that much "babies" for sperms. She said "why you have so many babies". I took that as meaning she was struggling to orally contain an immense amount of semen.

Good girl. Regulars will know she has been back at least 3 times since "retiring for good" in April but I think the money's too good for that to happen.

She did mention probably having a boob job which I can't imagine suiting her as she's sexy but in a natural way. Maybe she'll come back as a silcon porn whore.

We can but hope....

30 review(s) found for cute doll86xxx linked to in above post (28 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Its going to be more of a lift than making them bigger she told me, certainly not big fun bags. She does not need it, as you say she is very natural and sexy and a great figure for 38. I reckon that means she WILL be back though!!

Offline mrx007

Yes when she was explaining it to me she was almost saying not her tits but the flat bit above (?) Probably just lost in translation as her English isn't the best.

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Excellent, glad you had a good time.

She is a gem. So much better looking than those photos she has recently posted. And no way in need of a boob job.

She is one of the most naturally good looking 35 year olds I know and a lovely lady with it.

Yes true, i think she was saying lifting but they look good how they are!!

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