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Author Topic: Sultry Amandaxxxxx - Sutton in Ashfield  (Read 1101 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2914014 or https://www.adultwork.com/sultry+amandaxxxxx
This is an historic review of Amanda from Dec 2014.
I had a meeting in Mansfield and put in a Reverse Bid for an in call with someone who could be submissive and would rim me and let me attempt fisting on them.  As usual I got the bids from afar for the price I was prepared to pay even though their charges were less, so I researched the area and found Amanda.  She agreed to deliver what I wanted and a 90 minute booking was made.  I took the option to pay an extra £30 for Anal.  From memory the total was £210.  Anyway onto the review, after parking up in the adjacent carpark Amanda text me and made my way to her apartment, which has a living room and bedroom. I was greeted by a very fit looking and Attractive MILF, nervous as hell, I entered and we kissed passionately. I was offered a shower and took up the offer as I had been sat in a meeting all morning.  I joined Amanda on the bed and launched into her, kissing like you did with your girlfriend on your first date (opps no that would fifth or sixth date mum) off with her bra and knickers, I kissed and bit her nipples and eased fingers into her already wet pussy. She was tighter than I expected and very wet.  Me first, I eased me cock into her mouth and she devoured me down to the base, darting her tongue over my bell end and down the length, she was good, very good.  I thought I would leave the face fucking a while and ended up performing oral on Amanda, normal thing for me…fingers fucking her pussy and ass while licking and biting on her clit, I believe I did attempt to fiast Amanda and she gave it a good go for me, but as with all the other atemptees we failed at the final hurdle, I continued to lick her clit and she soon came and seemed to enjoy herself…
Raddy was nowhere near as confident back in December 2014 so this review may be a little tame for me…
I asked her to rim me, now I had been rimmed twice before… well I thought I had… Amanda started to rim me, her tongue went right in (I was extremely clean, no way did I want her to find any surprises) in it went deep then deeper still, she then lapped up my arse as if it was covered in the nicest ice cream man has ever created, I was in heaven. I could have laid there for hours, but I needed to move on.
I told her I was going to dominate her face and she was to submit to me totally.  We agreed that she would raise her right arm if she wanted me to stop.  I opened her mouth and put four fingers in and eased them down her throat, she gagged and spluttered as agreed, but to be honest I think it was genuine… In went my cock, and I pushed her head down on me, her eyes looking at me, I held her down tight as I could, after about 30 seconds up went her arm, and I released her…She coughed and chocked and down she went again… this carried on until I was ready to come, I explodes in her mouth and she showed me my deposit and swallowed sexily.  :P
From memory more foreplay then ensued and she rode me cowgirl after covering up before I fucked her ass doggy, after a severe pummelling of her ass I quickly moved around and removed the condom and came in her mouth again.
That I believe is a true reflection of the meeting, I am getting on a bit and my memory is fading fast, but I will tell you this, Amanda rimming my ass will live with me for ever.
Anyway, driving down the motorway back to Leicester, I ended up in a bit of a jam. The smile on my face must have been a picture, I was getting looks of praise and admiration, I could tell they were thinking bet that’s Raddy and he has just had his ass rimmed by Amanda  :wacko:

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7 review(s) found for sultry amandaxxxxx linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

LOL top review,thanks for posting  :lol:

Online redt4

She got raddy (ed) in other words. .....


She got Raddyed before I started Raddying as I only signed up in January this year  :cool:

Offline dreedy

She's gone straight to my HL! Cheers for the review

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