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Author Topic: Mei Chen - Birmingham  (Read 2101 times)

5 review(s) for Mei Chen (3 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline A.Chou85

Was looking for a Nuru massage so decided to give this girl a try. Wasn't sure about her as she looked very thin so took a gamble but her A/W reviews seemed ok so hoped for the best.
Called and booked through texts. She chose not to talk on the phone I'm guessing her English is very poor so someone else texted for her as well.
Arrived at her place with parking 1 min away in a car park. You won't get free parking anywhere so will have to pay but charges were only 50p p/h.
Was given room number to a modern apartment. Had to buzz in so there could be an awkward wait.

Knocked and she opened wearing bra and panties looking good. She's short thin but not bones, tight ass nice boobs. Facially she's ok. Someone else lives with her someone old and also possibly a kid as i seen the shoes on entry.
She got me a drink and took me to her nice looking room clean and warm and told me to get naked and jump on to bed with she also had laid down the nuru sheets.

Started on the back and got right into it with loads of body to body contact. Using her hands and breasts all over my back pouring down the nuru gel. She was moving and gliding her body all over me in loads of different positions. There is also a nice big mirror in the room to watch the action!
Told me to flip over and same process again rubbing her breasts over my body cock and balls in reverse. She allows touching all over but may stop you if it starts to interfere with massage but no fingering. I told her to slow down and stop as i was on the edge. This took about 40 mins.
Finally last 20 mins she started to give me a hand relief and prostrate massage which was amazing the best i have ever had. Nice and slow lots of playing around with balls and my bumhole. She seemed to be enjoying it aswell which is another positive. She definitely took her time with brilliant techniques. Finally as i got to the edge again she gave me a brilliant titwank and i finished of on her body. Never cummed that hard during a punt!

Cleaned up took me in the shower. The bonus was she gave me a good rub down in the shower and washed me as well which was unexpected. Once i was done she jumped in the shower and lets you watch her while she cleans herself up. Another bonus :cool:

The only negative is some may find her a bit thin and communication is not good as her English is very poor. She will tell you to talk on her phone while it translates it to Chinese, something i found quite funny. Her phone kept beeping through the massage which was annoying but at least she didn't answer. Overall the best nuru i have had, brilliant hour spent for £100. Well worth every penny.


5 review(s) found for Mei Chen linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Stapler

Good review Mr Chou!

In her pics she looks very busty. Is she?

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Offline Excalibur

Must admit might have to try her FS too. Mr Chou are her tits as good as they look in the photos and can you confirm the presence of some bush?

Offline A.Chou85

Good review Mr Chou!

In her pics she looks very busty. Is she?


Because she has a slim body her boobs look even bigger in the pics but she does have a nice good pair to fondle around while she massages.

Offline A.Chou85

Must admit might have to try her FS too. Mr Chou are her tits as good as they look in the photos and can you confirm the presence of some bush?

Yes she does have a nice pair.. also i did forget to mention her pussy is very bushy. Turned me off a bit as i like a clean shaven one but overlooked it as the service was brill.

Offline Dodo

A size 6 with D boobs and a bush.........sounds bloody good to me. Thanks for TOFTT Mr Chou.
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Offline Alt-R

She looks mighty fine! I like skinny girls so her size definitely isn't an issue for me  :P

Does she live anywhere near New Street train station?

Offline A.Chou85

Search for Travelodge (Broad Street) her apartment is 1 min from there..
Probably about 10-15 walk from new street station.

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