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Author Topic: Leah - Glasgow  (Read 1536 times)

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Yeah I seen her, she is real its not fake, she's defo Scottish was very obliging she's very petite

Saw her once a few months ago....nice girl, very chatty, and as someone said petite figure with a cracking set of tits.....not high class courtesan, more salt of the earth!

It's been commented on prev that she wears a wig and has put some people off. Not sure why she does but it's her call as far as I see it, and if it keeps things discrete for her then fine..

Offline mavgoose

Yep. I've seen her.
Nothing scary to report.
Genuine girl. Comms can be a bit scatty sometimes , but pretty reliable once booked.

I'd go back.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Newbie here and I had my first punt with her the other night. I think what everyone said here pretty much sums up what shes like. I was dead nervous but she eased me in. Lovely girl, knows how to make a conversation. Will definitely see her again.

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