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Author Topic: Punts in Kent  (Read 1075 times)

Taking a break from punting for a while, so I thought I would share a brief write up on some of the girls I have seen, it might save you a few quid, these are from Gumtree and I will do some from AW later, but have a look through and see what you think.

Asian massage place in Rochester, parking ok and safe enough part of town, normal rub and tug type place, extras on offer but it depends which lbfm you get on the day, clean enough place, friendly girls and reception, nothing special really

Asian massage near Gravesend town centre, the two girls there are not that great in looks or service, parking ok, area so so, rooms are just about ok, rub and tug plus extras if they appeal to you

This girl was quite fit, mid to late 20`s brunette, slim, small tits, nothing special about her service, did talk a lot (mostly bollocks) ok service for £70 (full service) an hour but that was a while ago so check her prices now, the thing that was a negative here is she asks you to park in a public car park and gets her friend (a bloke) to come out and escort you in, it was just a bit strange, nice enough place, nice enough area

This girl looked like she was chewing a wasp, very basic massage and to be honest her attitude stopped me even wanting extras, one to avoid I think, they may have different girls there so I might have been unlucky but if it is Anna there all the time then don`t bother, parking ok, place was ok, area was ok

This girl is lovely and gives a 1st class massage but she does no extras at all, parking and area ok, small but nice house, very clean

This one is a bit of a mystery, she used to be in Kemsely but has moved to Sheerness, says she will do extras but does not, a kind of bait and switch if you like, not a great massage either, mid 30`s Asian

I will do some more later, hope this helps anyone thinking of seeing them, any questions just message me

Online brianglo

Thanks for this.

The Kemsley lady helped me with a bad back problem over several sessions and i never suggested extras nor were they offered.

Looking for a good local asian at the moment around Sittingbourne

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