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Author Topic: Some student? I'm not convinced . . .  (Read 863 times)

Offline Marmalade


Some student if she suddenly starts escorting and does everything from hard sports to s&m.  :rolleyes:
And all at a knock down price. Which varies depending whether you call her 'today' (the profile has just been publicised at 11pm), or which part of the profile you read.

Naturally she has no credit on her phone.

Tbh it reminds me of a prossie also called Amber, used to call herself 29, and was into anything and everything if she could get some money - for which she was also always desperate. Never booked her, but bombarded me with texts after I contacted her briefly with some specific enquiry or other.

Offline SteveNova

She hasn't even put up any pictures of herself   :rolleyes:

Offline Jimmyredcab

She hasn't even put up any pictures of herself   :rolleyes:

No pictures, no phone number, no feedback ---------------------- who the fuck would be interested in her.    :dash: :dash:

Offline Jacob

Total Bullshit. If she sticks to her studies she will undoubtedly FORFILL her potential. :rolleyes:

Offline Cactus

As she's 25 and living in Stockbridge, I would think she's probably doing a post grad at Edinburgh University, checking their prospectus I suggest probably Ancient Philosophy!  Or maybe it's just a whole big pile of steaming dog excrement...time shall tell  :dash:

Don't know about you, but I just can't read all that blather in the profile.

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